By Eric Schmidt

Despite the politically correct chatter coming from the coaching staff and front office of the Cleveland Browns, rookie QB Brandon Weeden will likely be the starter in Week One for the club this season. The Browns organization can say all they want that Weeden will have to earn the starting job, but a team doesn’t draft a quarterback in the first-round who turns 29 later this year, to sit on the bench. The time has come for the Browns to either trade or move QB Colt McCoy.

Team OTAs and mini-camps will be winding down over the next few weeks as the NFL readies itself for the opening of training camp in late July. Weeden will head into camp and needs to get as many repetitions as he can record before the start of the regular season. It is apparent that a rift has opened between the Browns and McCoy, so keeping him on the roster just creates a distraction as well as hurts Weeden in practice.

Personally, I don’t think that the Browns surrounded McCoy with the offensive weapons he needed in order to succeed while he was starting for the franchise. Whether or not the selection of Weeden was the right choice for the Browns remains to be seen, but the team pushed their chips to the center of the table in April and selected Weeden. If that is the direction the franchise wants to go, then go with it.

The selection of McCoy was a reach two seasons ago, entering the league with questions surrounding his arm strength. The experiment, however misguided it was, seems to have come to an end. Move on. Allow McCoy to create a fresh start with another team. He will turn 26 later this season and allow him to try to pursue his career elsewhere. The club has veteran Seneca Wallace under contract for the next two seasons, at that time, the Browns should have an idea whether or not Weeden is going to have a successful NFL career or if the Browns need to blow the position up starting all over once again.

End the distractions, give each Weeden and McCoy a fair shake.




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  1. avatar Clint

    McCoy is a marginal quarterback. He can’t hit receivers in stride and nearly any pass that’s 20 yards or more is underthrown. Look at the gametape. Any QB can make the easy throws and not take chances. He only did enough so that people could say “it wasn’t his fault” when really.. he looks for the 2 yard route almost every time.


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