By Eric Schmidt

The 12-quart pot is on the stove filled with water, and the heat has been turned up. The New York Jets have concluded their last minicamp and the Mark Sanchez-Tim Tebow quarterback controversy is just getting underway. Six weeks remain before the start of training camp but according to one follower of the Jets, Sanchez had a less than stellar minicamp this week.

Rich Cimini of ESPN New York writes that Sanchez struggled this week. When he was on the field, Cimini reports that he went 11-29 in a scrimmage with three near interceptions and four “sacks”. He also reports that the Jets have seemingly gone out of their way this offseason to downplay any potential quarterback controversy. However, the club had to realize the minute that they acquired Tim Tebow that a controversy would arise.

Speaking of Tebow, Cimini reports that Tebow has told reporters that he is nearing a 250 pound playing weight. A signal that the Jets are definitely going to be utilizing Tebow, at least early on, in wildcat formations and likely as a goal line back. At 249, Tebow weighs more than any other back on the Jets roster, weighing 25 pounds more than Shonn Greene.

Sanchez’s struggles at this point in his career should be unacceptable. If the Jets start slow out of the gate, the calls for Tebow to become the starting quarterback will grow louder and louder with each Jets loss.




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  1. avatar Gary Lovejoy

    What happens this early in the offseason is not necessarily that significant, particularly since the players are learning a new system. Mark Sanchez is a good player, and I think Tim Tebow will be too. I followed Sanchez when he was at USC; he was then a rather mercurical player, having some great games and some forgettable ones. He’s got great raw talent, but he is an emotional player, which can mean he has ups and downs that can affect his play. I have also followed Tim Tebow for some time and he is a great leader and clutch player…actually one of the best in that respect. He throws a remarkably accurate long ball (in one game he had four 40+ passing plays)with a great touch (as Rex Ryan has noticed himself). If he can conquer the short-intermediate pass accuracy issues, he will be very dangerous, especially since he is also a devastating runner. At 250 lbs., he will be hard to will take gang tackling. We’ll just have to wait to see how the two progress under Sparano’s system, but I wouldn’t judge either of them too quickly. Most comments that I’ve read seem to be based more on emotion and pre-judgment than on sound, rational analysis. The real story is probably somewhere between the extremes of the supporters and critics of each player. We’ll have the 2012 season to better sort out truth from fiction. Whatever happens, Go Jets!!

    • avatar Leee Starr

      Tebow is a born leader and this will surface as the season moves on. Lee

    • avatar Joe O

      Great points on both, agree with you!


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