By Eric Schmidt

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers DT Warren Sapp has made a living off the field by making some outrageous statements, and Thursday was no different. Appearing on NFL Total Access on the NFL Network, Sapp stated that he believes that the Cleveland Browns are the next team in line to win their first ever Super Bowl title. While that prediction might make some in Cleveland very happy, I find it to be a bit too ambitious based on his reasoning.

Sapp said the Browns are putting the pieces together to make a Super Bowl push.

“They have a quarterback now, they have a running back- in (Trent) Richardson and they have (Brandon) Weeden–this is what you need to jump start your franchise. There’s no more fumbling on the one-yard line, there’s no more ‘Drive’ for you to cry over. It’s the Cleveland Browns, they’ll be next.”

There is no doubt that Richardson will jump start the Browns running game, ranking 28th in 2011, but to call Weeden the franchise quarterback that the Browns need is a bit of a stretch. Weeden is a soon-to-be 29 year old rookie quarterback and even if he is prepared for the NFL game, Cleveland has done little this offseason to upgrade their receiver position for this season.

It’s possible that Weeden will develop into a starting caliber quarterback but there are a few teams a little more prepared to record their first ever Super Bowl franchise. The NFL Network panel suggests the Cam Newton-led Carolina Panthers could be the next team in line to win their first ever championship.

I agree with that assessment and I’ll go as far to suggest that they are poised to make a push for a wildcard berth this season. But in addition to Carolina, I’d have to rank the current roster of the Detroit Lions above the Cleveland Browns as next in line for a franchise first Lombardi Trophy.




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Readers Comments (5)

  1. avatar Jordan

    I’m just not sold on Weeden as being able to be a caliber QB in the league yet. I say his rookie year will decide if the Browns will break out here soon or if it will be the same old same old in Cleveland.

  2. avatar Philly Sports Live

    Weeden is a good quarterback, but he needs a dominant receiver.

  3. avatar Max Taylor

    If you needed more proof that Sapp is off his rocker, here it is. A piece here and a piece there doesn’t equal Super Bowl bound. Browns have been rebuilding for 25 years. Good call Warren.

  4. avatar mark payne

    sapp is an idiot! he has never been correct with any of his useless verbage.all he is known for is his cheap shot on chad clifton. just shut up you disgusting blob!

  5. avatar Chris Columbus

    I think the Ravens have it now.


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