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It has not been one of the better off-season’s in the world of football. There has already been a host of arrests to leave a sour taste. Following top drafted receiver Justin Blackmon’s arrest, the verdict for Jerry Sandusky came in and found him guilty on nearly every charge. Adding to this was the Spring exposure of Bounty-Gate containing some alarming diatribe from Gregg Williams. If a Super Bowl winning defensive coordinator’s legacy wasn’t damaged enough, calls for the late Joe Paterno’s name to be yanked off of any accolades (By Bobby Bowden, of course. He may still be annoyed at his win record) iced the cake.

So while Williams was banned from the NFL and standout MLB Jonathan Vilma continues to push for an appeal victory, this came in from New Orleans. QB Drew Brees has received a 5-year $100 million contract with $60 million guaranteed. As a Miami Dolphins fan, I still get to remember that we chose QB Daunte Culpepper over Brees. Brees is a high character player who has always represented this maligned franchise with the highest of character. From the days before his day with the paper bags the “Aints”  moniker, through Hurricane Katrina, and to the Super Bowl and now Bounty Gate, Brees has seen it all but never lost his composure. After all, Brees and the offense were never involved or submitting to Williams’ plan for intentional injuries.

Saddening, through all the fervent support and wild cheer following their Super Bowl. The world knows now that during Williams’ first year there was foul play involved. While Brees deserved every penny he got, this seems like a mental distraction from the Bounty Gate Scandal. Brees is a superstar quarterback. He is a record breaker, an unwavering leader, and a testament to character in a game so often riddled with arrests and financial issues among players.

With the losses on the defensive line and all across the depth chart, this will be a challenging season for the New Orleans Saints to bounce back and win. The division could be rewarded to the Atlanta Falcons, or maybe even  QB Cam Newton and his upstart Carolina Panthers. Whatever the case is, Drew Brees will be a Saint until what will likely be his last snap. Goodness knows the city needs a man like him.




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  1. avatar sammills

    Do you know anything about the Saints?

    “with the losses on the defensive line and all across the depth chart…” What loss? 2 of the 4 players suspended don’t even play for the Saints.
    Villma would not start even if he was able to play.
    The Saints signed lofton to play in the middle, Villma would only be a backup.

    the only loss is DE Will Smith.


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