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The New England Patriots released veteran running back Joseph Addai, which came to no surprise here at The Pigskin Report. Quite a few writers here informed you over the past couple of months that Addai still may have had the marquee name from his days with the Indianapolis Colts, but he no longer possessed the speed necessary to help the Patriots enough in the backfield.

But following his release from the Patriots, is Addai running out of options in the NFL, or will a better opportunity present itself with training camps opening all across the league this week?

As always, especially with running backs in the NFL, injuries are a huge part of the game. At any given moment, a back can go down for the rest of the season. We see it far too often. So with that being said, does Addai have to wait it out for a team to suffer an injury to its’ starting backfield, or could he catch on with a new team much sooner?

Addai was originally linked to the Denver Broncos as soon as Peyton Manning signed with the team, but they already have a collection of backs who cannot separate from the pack as it is behind Willis McGahee. I’m not sure if Addai is even an upgrade over Knowshon Moreno or Ronnie Hillman at this point, so that may not make much sense for either side.

The Philadelphia Eagles were also rumored to have an interest in signing Addai, as they look for a solid replacement back-up behind Lesean McCoy. Ronnie Brown did not work out as well as planned last season, so Philadelphia could turn to Addai over current reserves including Dion Lewis and Chris Polk.

But the team that may make the most sense to pursue Addai, and even perhaps before training camp really gets going could be the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Remember, Rashard Mendenhall went down the final game of last season with a devastating ACL injury, and he is expected to miss the entire upcoming season. That leaves Isaac Redman as the lead back. Regardless of what Mike Tomlin and the Steelers are saying, this team may be too talented to let the entire year ride on teh shoulders – or more specifically, the legs – of Redman. Addai may no longer be featured back material, but he could still add depth to a team such as the Steelers.





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