By Eric Schmidt

The Miami Heat won a championship while the Miami Marlins got a new stadium. Not to be out done, the Miami Dolphins are reportedly in discussions with the NFL over a logo and uniform change for as early as next season. The last logo tweak for the Dolphins was in 1997, when the design of the Dolphins was “updated” from the original design in 1966.

Dolphins CEO Mike Dee told the Palm Beach Post that the team isn’t 100% certain of a change but that the team was responding to fan suggestions to “freshen up” the design. Dee said that the Dolphins will keep the main elements of the current design intact. “We’re not talking about changing colors or taking the sun off the helmet. It’s not going to be like when Tampa Bay changed from orange to pewter gray. It’s definitely keeping one eye on what’s traditional in the logo intact, while keeping one eye on a 21st century version of that.”

The Miami Marlins received new uniforms this season to go along with their new stadium and let’s just say that the focus group they ran the designs by must have been color blind.

Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post suggests what he thinks a new logo might look like for the Dolphins in 2013 although nothing has been suggested officially as of yet. I hope Mr. Volin is incorrect, as I really don’t like the concept. Perhaps I am too much of a traditionalist, but I live in the Miami market and I grew up watching the Dolphins in their original uniforms.




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