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Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton understands why several Minnesota Vikings players, as well as players for other NFL teams, have been arrested recently. He may be quick to point out that he doesn’t condone such behavior, including Adrian Peterson’s arrest for an altercation, Marshawn Lynch reportedly driving drunk and Dez Bryant allegedly beating up his mother. But he does understand why it happens.

Down time.


Lack of organized activity.


Governor Dayton is serious. He knows that his Vikings have had more arrests than any other team over the past year or so, and while he does not support the athletes involved, he says he gets why it continues to happen.

“Idle time is the devil’s play,” said Dayton, in reference to the long offseason in the NFL. “It means that young males who are heavily armored and heavily psyched as necessary to carry out their job are probably more susceptible to being in bars at 2:00 [a.m.] and having problems. It doesn’t excuse it. It just says this probably comes with it.”

Again. Really?

While not excusing the behavior, it almost sounds as if Dayton empathizes with players being arrested just because they don’t have to go to work for a few months.

With that being said, how would he feel about people who don’t have a choice about not going to work? Should unemployed people get a free pass if they commit a crime? After all, not working leads to plenty of idle time. Would Governor Dayton understand if those people were in bars early in the morning with problems?

What about players on the Minnesota Twins, Minnesota Wild or Minnesota Timberwolves? They have offseasons as well, which also lead to idle time. Or college athletes. Or high school kids. Or kids in elementary or middle school. They also have summers off, which is just more idle time. Would he make excuses for them if they get into trouble with the law?

I never thought that a different Minnesota Governor could make people long for the days of Jesse Ventura. He may have been a bit off, to say the least, but at least you knew what you were getting when you elected him into office.

Then again, even Ventura never came across as foolish sounding as Dayton with these comments. Ventura never defended professional wrestlers who got into trouble on days where they didn’t have a match. Even he knew better.

Maybe Dayton should operate under the old adage of ¬†better to remain silent than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.

Then again, maybe the poor Governor just has too much idle time on his hands lately. He worked hard to get legislation to approve the new bill for a new Vikings stadium, so now he is just kind of relaxing.

Ah, that darned ol’ idle time.

Nothing but trouble.





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