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Rumors are running rampant about an NFL comeback for Terrell Owens, and many believe there is a chance that the Dallas Cowboys will sign T.O. to solve their problem at the No. 3 wide receiver position. I am here to tell you right now that there is absolutely no chance of that happening.

Sure, Owens would love for that to happen. He can say that he is a changed man. He can say that he loves Tony Romo and all of their past issues were misunderstandings that were overblown by the media. And even his former teammates can say that they are indifferent to possibly bringing back Owens to help out on offense.

The fact of the matter is that Jerry Jones has no intention of igniting yet another media circus merry-go-round by signing Owens to make a mess of what he feels is a Super Bowl caliber team.

That is because Owens is no longer a Pro-Bowl caliber player, and Jones is fully aware of that fact. If T.O. was still the same player he was with the Cowboys today, it would be a different story. Sometimes you take a risk by messing with the chemistry of the locker room and sideline if you truly feel adding that player makes your team better and gives them a better chance to win. But you never make that mistake when a player is past his prime unless you are simply looking to add a marquee name that will fetch your franchise more media attention for which you are desperate seeking.

Just ask the Miami Dolphins about that one.

But Owens is done. His best days are not only behind him, but they may be so far in his rearview that they cannot even be seen. He is still not healthy, and the only reason we are even talking about him is because of who he was. Not who he is.

Oh, and the fact that he is so broke from paying child support that he may wind up in jail. Couple that in with his age, injuries and difficulties in the Indoor Football League and Owens is no longer even an afterthought for the Cowboys.

Truth be told, Owens would be better off trying to secure a more consistent role on the hit USA series Necessary Roughness. He isn’t half bad as an actor. Much more impressive at this point than he is as a player in the NFL.





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