By Eric Schmidt

In the never ending saga of Pittsburgh Steelers WR Mike Wallace, comes the news that the franchise has no plans to trade Wallace. After the Steelers offered up a new five-year, $42 million dollar contract to fellow WR Antonio Brown, speculation began regarding Wallace’s future with the organization. Trade rumors surfaced, but that doesn’t appear to be in the Pittsburgh Steelers plans at this time.

ESPN’s Ed Werdner dispelled the rumors of a possible trade. On Twitter Werder wrote, “Responding to trade rumors involving multiple teams, Steelers GM Kevin Colbert flatly tells me, “Mike Wallace is not available for trade”.

The first thing to remember here is that all NFL teams lie. Front office folks will look straight into a reporters eyes and lie. It’s the way they do business. As in any business negotiation, you try to operate from a position of strength, not weakness. If the Steelers come right out and say, ‘Yes, we want to trade Mike Wallace’, then they might get less than if they take the current stance to deny any possibility of a trade.

The two sides remain far apart and if Wallace wants to play this season, the Steelers hold all of the leverage. If Wallace hasn’t signed his tender by the middle of August, I fully expect the Steelers to start discussing trade offers from other teams.







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  1. avatar Richard ross

    The steelers should trade wallace. Im a fan and hes not worth the trouble. He will alwaysbe a one trick pony. Hes cant cacth in traffic hes fast but he not agile like antonio brown. His stats are only that good because big ben extends plays and gives him time to get open.


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