By Eric Schmidt

Scanning the internet this morning, I came across an interesting post by a Seattle Seahawks fan. Chris Chard of posed a question regarding Marshawn Lynch and the possibility of the Seahawks trading for Tampa Bay Buccaneers RB LeGarrette Blount, and I have to say that he poses some interesting speculation.

The site links to a clip from Seattle’s ESPN 710 which discusses the relationship between Buccaneers General Manager Mark Dominik and Seattle’s GM, John Schneider. The two clubs have already executed a trade for former Buccaneers TE Kellen Winslow Jr. Could something else be looming on the horizon between the two clubs?

I believe the entirety of a possible deal has everything to do with timing. Lynch, arrested for DUI, will not appear in court until August 14th. I have speculated on his arrest and how it might effect fantasy football owners this season. Will the NFL hand down a possible suspension before Lynch heads to trail or wait until after he gets his day in court to plead?

There seems to be a great deal of speculation regarding what the NFL could levy on Lynch for his DUI arrest in the manner of a possible suspension. He has a history of previous run-ins with the law. If he is suspended, as noted in my previous column, the Seahawks have reportedly built into Lynch’s contract that his deal could be voided if he is suspended by the NFL. That could factor into the equation in a huge fashion.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has seen the rash of recent arrests in the last week, and likely is going to want to take some sort of action. Tennessee Titans WR Kenny Britt along with Lynch have both been arrested multiple times. Detroit Lions CB Aaron Berry was arrested twice inside of a month and he was released yesterday by the Detroit Lions.

As someone who has followed the Buccaneers since 1976 and has been actively watching rookie head coach Greg Schiano this off-season, I believe moving Blount is not an option which is off the table. Winslow is in Seattle because he didn’t buy into the philosophy he’s trying to instill in Tampa. I don’t believe Blount is too far behind Winslow.

He has been outspoken in the off-season, telling the media that the Buccaneers didn’t need to draft Alabama running back Trent Richardson when it was speculated that was the direction the franchise was going in April’s draft. Schiano wants a run heavy offense for the Buccaneers this season and detests turnovers, something Blount has had an issue with in his first two seasons.

Coach Schiano told the Bay Area media last week that the running back position was wide open heading into camp. This is just politically correct, coach-speak. Tampa Bay did not move back into the bottom of the first-round in order to select RB Doug Martin in order to have him split carries with undrafted free agent, LeGarrette Blount. Schiano has already publicly compared Martin to another former player he coached, Baltimore Ravens RB Ray Rice.

Again, I believe that timing in this situation is crucial. The Seahawks need some indication of what the NFL might levy upon Lynch. Seattle has to be mulling over whether or not they are thinking of voiding his contract if he is suspended.Likewise, the Buccaneers training camp is set to open and if Blount fails to deliver, he could be on his way out. Shipping out Blount would leave the Bucs thin at experienced running backs, but face it, the Buccaneers are not playoff bound in 2012.

Seattle has a very promising, and very imposing running back in rookie Robert Turbin, and they could roll with him instead during a possible Lynch suspension. However, if he is suspended and the team wants to part ways with Lynch, Blount and Turbin in the backfield would give the Seahawks two very powerful runners in the backfield for opposing defenses to scheme against. It’s a speculative column by Mr. Chard, but one which might have some teeth in the coming weeks.




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  1. avatar Brian T

    I’ve read Chris Chard’s stuff before. He is excellent at this type of analysis.

  2. avatar Stew B

    I’m so sick of this. First it was the Steelers, now the Seahawks. Blount is getting with the program and is NOT GOING ANYWHERE. Enough of the wishful thinking from other cities. He’s not coached by Raheem anymore. He’s changed how he totes the rock to reduce fumbles and now has the motivation from Doug Martin to snap him out of complacency. Our offense will be modeled after the Giants. Blount Plus Martin equals serious damage to the NFC South. Now keep your hands off of our roster.

  3. avatar Dan

    Chris is a great writer, and as Brian said, extremelly good with analysis on the Seahawks. I’m an Eagles fan, so if I’m checking his stuff out — that says something!


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