By Eric Schmidt

The USFL, planning a return to relevance in the Spring of 2013 announced today that they have a new look. The resurgent league has unveiled a new logo and a completely redesigned website which can be viewed at As I’ve stated several times on this site, I really enjoyed the former version of the USFL in the 1980’s before the league was brazen enough to go head to head with the NFL and fell into oblivion.

USFL President & CEO Jaime Cuadra purchased the rights to the former league and plans a complete re-launch in the spring of 2013 has plans to work with the NFL instead of against it. Last month, the league visited Akron, Ohio as a possible landing spot for a franchise.

Mr. Cuadra spoke about the redesigned website and logo and seems very energized about the new venture for the failed league. “We are building this league from the ground up, and we believe it is vital to our early success to distinguish ourselves as a new brand of USFL football representing ‘Real. Fun. Football,” according to the press release issued this afternoon.

The new version of the USFL plans on fielding an 8-team league in March of 2013 with a 14-game season with the championship game being played in June.

Personally, I love the idea of returning spring and summer football during the doldrums of the NFL offseason. However, I will state that I believe the newly revamped logo is a little weak. It’s a shield which thinly resembles the NFL’s logo and the powder blue color is simply not bold enough. To generate interest in the league, the USFL should have re-designed the website first and then held an online contest for fans to submit a new logo design. There are a ton of internet users which are truly gifted at graphic design. Perhaps that can come later.






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  1. avatar PAM

    The logo would be better if the letters were outlined in red and the stars a solid red!

  2. avatar Richard

    The logo needs a red border, white stars and and darker blue field with red and white striped letters. This looks a little amateurish.

  3. avatar Al Capp

    I like the idea of an online contest for fans to submit a new logo design because it does look weak. However I love the USFL & will support it wherever it goes.

  4. avatar Mario G

    Well, I agree it could be more flashy, anyway this is the last of my concerns about this new league. I guess other teams will follow (after Akron), the main question is: will they get a TV contract deal soon ? this is the point imo

  5. avatar NM

    I’m not worried about the logo either: it (USFL) has changed twice since 1987…I believe this league will succeed where others failed for two reasons: ESPN & the NFL. Since all football bows to the NFL, this being sanctioned/utilized by the NFL will both indirectly and (hopefully) financially be supported by the NFL; AND aren’t HALF the bowl-games in December ESPN prodigies? This idea has ESPN written all over it–wedge it in between NBA finals and the start of college football…it’ll fly!

  6. avatar kenny

    Should have just tweeked the old logo it looks alot better than this one


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