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The LSU Tigers had no other choice than to dismiss 2011 Heisman Trophy Finalist CB Tyrann Mathieu, as the ‘Honey Badger’ proved he really doesn’t care about anyone but himself. After saying that he was ready to take over the leadership role in the defensive secondary vacated by the loss of 2012 first round draft pick Morris Claiborne, Mathieu proved once again that he is not a team player.

In fact, because of his selfishness and immaturity, Mathieu is nothing more than another player without a team.

Mathieu was booted from the LSU football program for failing multiple drug tests and violating team policies on numerous occasions. The Tigers gave this kid as many opportunities to turn it around as they could, but he blew it every time, ultimately leading to his permanent dismissal from the team. He not only cost the team, but he cost himself as well.

As of right now, Mathieu’s immediate options are limited, at best. He cannot sign with an NFL team as a free agent due to his age. He cannot transfer to a Division I program without having to first sit out a year. Mathieu could transfer to an FCS school and play in 2012, and then possibly put his name in the 2013 NFL Draft, provided he can turn his life off of the football field around.

In fact, a former LSU teammate of Mathieu’s was saying last night that he was already close to transferring to McNeese State, which is a very strong program close to home for Mathieu. Nothing had been announced for certain as of yet.

But in terms of turning things around, that will remain to be seen. Apparently all of the counseling over the past six months has not helped him.

This was a difficult decision for head coach Les Miles to have to make, as LSU was one of the favorites to compete for a BCS Championship. Kicking a player of Mathieu’s caliber off the team will not eliminate them from contention, but it will make things much more challenging for a team who was already facing life without Claiborne in the secondary. Losing Mathieu also will be extremely difficult to overcome, as you also have to take into account just how dominating he could be in the punt return game as well.

Just ask Georgia about last season’s SEC Championship Game if you are looking for evidence about that fact.

Mathieu was not perfect on the field. He was exploited every now and then by certain quarterbacks and offensive schemes. But he was certainly one of the most exciting to watch.

But the man who dubbed himself the ‘Honey Badger’ proved once again that he really doesn’t care.

Unfortunately, it is not in a good way for LSU.

Mathieu had a very bright future ahead of him as one of the best defenders and most explosive players competing on a National Championship caliber squad. He had everything firmly in front of him.

But in the end, he just couldn’t care enough to make any of that happen.

He only cared about himself.

Because like he told us on multiple occasions, Honey Badger don’t care.

It turns out, Mathieu was right.





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