By Eric Schmidt

Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant is a talent on the field, but his problems start when he steps off the field. Bryant, who is currently awaiting possible prosecution stemming from allegedly assaulting his mother, has been given a special set of rules by his club regarding his behavior off the field this season. And frankly, these rules are ridiculous.

The Dallas Cowboys have imposed a midnight curfew, a no strip club rule and the team prohibits Bryant from having alcohol. Bryant is allowed to only frequent nightclubs which are approved by the Dallas Cowboys. Bryant also has a three person team of drivers which will take him to practices and games.

Hello. Is Bryant an adult? A driver to take him to practice? Only club approved nightclubs but no alcohol? Midnight curfew? This could be a ploy to make it appear that Bryant’s behavior will change as Dallas County prosecutors are deciding whether or not to charge him in the assault case involving his mother.

I’m sorry, but Bryant received over $8 million guaranteed when he signed with the Cowboys and will be making over $1 million this season. He will turn 24 in November. Exactly why does the team feel the need to treat him like a high school senior on probation? He is obviously incapable of behaving like a normal person, while meeting his daily work and life requirements.

This boggles my mind. Why can’t Jerry Jones simply sit down with Bryant face-to-face as a man and say, “This is how it’s going to be, screw up again and you are gone?” Why can’t Bryant take some responsibility for his actions, man up and behave? There have been a string of issues surrounding Bryant in his career. The behavior by the Cowboys just furthers the lack of ability for personal responsibility on Bryant’s behalf.

The Cowboys are perpetuating a string of behavior in Bryant’s life which likely dates back to when he was in high school. He runs faster, he’s a better athlete on the field, we just need someone to guide him a little bit. The same likely happened in college.

When I was 24, I didn’t need a driver to make sure I got to work. This is ridiculous. Bryant will be one of those players who goes broke a few years after completing his football career.




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