By Eric Schmidt

Are the Seattle Seahawks interested in hosting a Super Bowl? It appears that way according to The paper is reporting that the club has teamed up with the Seattle Sports Commission and that an application to the Super Bowl Advisory Committee has been submitted. This idea was first raised in February of this year, and I thought it was a bad idea then, and I still think it’s a bad idea.

The paper outlines some of the requirements that the NFL has in place for a stadium to be considered. The average number of hotel rooms, the average temperature and the seating capacity of the stadium. CenturyLink Field can be expanded to meet the requirement but the area does not house the required number of hotel rooms. When Jacksonville hosted the Super Bowl, the area did not meet the number of hotel rooms, so the region employed the use of cruise ships docked in the Port of Jacksonville instead.

The temperature clause put in place which requires a location to have an average temperature of 50 degrees in order to host the Super Bowl was waived for next year’s Super Bowl in the Meadowlands. What the NFL does not outline in their requirements is the unwritten rule of ‘if you build a new stadium, you’ll get a Super Bowl’ clause.

I do not like the concept of hosting the Super Bowl in areas where weather can play a role in determining the outcome of the game. In the regular season, yes, but in the championship game, we should not have to be subjected to snow, blustery winds or pouring rain. Yes, I’ll get the typical comments about football is meant to be played in the elements. Would you pay $1500 dollars for a Super Bowl ticket to sit in the rain for 4 hours and pay $12 dollars for a beer?

No more Super Bowls should be awarded to outdoor northern climates until the 2014 Super Bowl experiment in New Jersey has played out. Frankly, I am hoping for a monumental snow event with gridlock everywhere in order to outline how ridiculous this idea is.

In response to this report, the Seahawks have issued a statement refuting the report that they are pursuing a Super Bowl bid. On the team’s official Twitter account, they replied, “We are not pursuing a Super Bowl bid for the City of Seattle.”

This year’s Super Bowl will be in the host city of New Orleans, with the following two to be played in New Jersey and the 2015 game to be played in the Arizona Cardinals Stadium.




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  1. avatar Seahawkfan99

    Ok, ok. Where was the best championship game ever played? What was the temp at that game between GB and Dallas?
    I for one am sick and tired of corporations getting a say in our daily lives and corporate responses dictating action. Your opinion here reeks of corporate. It’s bad enough the average Joe has zero opportunity of going to the Super Bowl unless they have some connection to a corporate executive. It’s football, weather always plays a part in the outcome and why should the Super Bowl be any different. If Seattle can handle an NFC Championship game and the NCAA final four there would be no problem with the Super Bowl. So Cal and Florida received the bulk of Super Bowls because executives want to have a sun filled beach vacation during the week or two of the game. If a broken down city like Detroit can do it and New Orleans after Katrina can do it. BTW, have you been to NO? They don’t have half the hotels Seattle has. The Emerald City can host a Super Bowl and do a fine job of it. The Meadowlands? Really? C’mon.

    • avatar Eric Schmidt

      My opinion reeks of corporate? Whatever. Yes, I have been to New Orleans, multiple times. The Championship Game between the Packers and the Cowboys was just that, a championship game, not the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is no longer just about the game, it’s about the week long events as well as the game. Have you ever attended a Super Bowl? I have. There is a lot of things going on behind the scenes leading up to the game itself. Weather plays a role in those events. Remember the ice storm which crippled Atlanta in 1999? The freak snow storm in Dallas which shut down the city?
      I clearly stated that I was against the idea of playing the Super Bowl in New Jersey, but the league always awards a Super Bowl to cities which build new stadiums.

      • avatar Jay Flare

        E.S. I think he was talking about the 2005 NFL Championship game *IN* Seattle between Seattle and the Panthers…
        FYI – a response of “Whatever” Is the #Dumbest most closeminded response ever heard#. It means your not listening…
        So listen to this.
        Football is about Football. also
        The money made by the NFL for the Superbowl is made in ADVERTISING.
        The money made by PEOPLE going to the superbowl is made by LOCAL BUSINESSES.
        I am tired of southern / dome cities having a monopoly on the superbowl.


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