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The Seattle Seahawks are likely looking to trade quarterback Tarvaris Jackson, as Matt Flynn is cementing himself as the team’s starter, and while Russell Wilson appears more than capable of handling the back up role. So while the Seahawks are more than willing to move Jackson before the next week or so, the question remains, what team would actually want Jackson at this point?

Seattle head coach Pete Carroll says that the starting quarterback job in Seattle is still a three man race, but everybody can read past that. Flynn signed the big contract this offseason, so he truly always had the inside track on the job. And Russell has exceeded everyone’s wildest expectations at this point, and appears as if he certainly has a future in this league in at least a reserve capacity starting out in his career.

That leaves Jackson, who has never lived up to expectations, as the odd man out in the Emerald City. He didn’t play in the team’s first preseason game, and with Flynn taking the starting snaps and Wilson serving as his back up for most of the rest of the game, Jackson very well may not see the field again this week.

That is leading many around the league that the Seahawks are actively looking to move Jackson, and that they are looking to deal him sooner rather than later, for the sake of everyone involved. The longer Jackson lingers in Seattle, the less likely chance he will have to compete for a starting job somewhere else.

Although, in all honesty, is there a team in the NFL right now who would acquire Jackson as its’ starting quarterback?

The short answer is that it is highly unlikely. The long answer? Well, it is pretty much the same as the short, just with a further explanation.

After all, a player with a $4 million salary who is not even good enough to start over an unproven free agent or a third round draft pick probably will not be that highly sought after around the league. With that being said, Jackson is far more likely to be released than traded, although there a few teams who have issues under center entering the second week of the preseason.

The team who seems to have the biggest question mark at the quarterback position is the Arizona Cardinals. Kevin Kolb has not played well at all, and it is being reported that John Skelton is the favorite to land the starting gig. Arizona gave up far too much to acquire Skelton, so they are almost forced to keep him on their roster. But Jackson is not really an upgrade over either of their other players under center, and they will also be a bit gun shy going out and dealing for another quarterback, despite the fact he would not cost all that much.

After Arizona, other teams facing quarterback quandaries include the Cleveland Browns, Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans. But it can be argued that acquiring Jackson would not make any of those teams any better. The quarterbacks they all currently have are at least as good – if not much better – than Jackson already.

Simply put, no team in the NFL will be seeking to acquire Jackson as their new starting quarterback for the upcoming regular season. What they will have to weigh is if he is even better than their current No. 2 on the depth chart.

In the end, the answer is most likely to be no, meaning the only way the Seahawks unload Jackson is to flat out release him, and even then, he may not have an easy time finding a new team.





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  1. avatar Crossfire71

    Bull!!!! Tavaris Jackson is a good QB. He didnt do well starting the season for us last year but it was his first year in our program. He had a torn pectoral muscle and he still played. He got better as the season went on. He played very good ball, Made good decisions and won some games for us. I believe we beat the Super bowl champs last year and the ravens with tavaris so…. Give him a break.

  2. avatar Hawk_Eye

    The one thing your not taking into account, Jackson does have value as a back-up quarterback. The Seahawks would probably take a 6th or 7th round draft choice for him.

  3. avatar Seahawkfan99

    Much too harsh and more negative towards Jackson than it needs to be. You throw the skills of Flynn and Wilson around as if neither is going to be that good and it’s not true. Outside of the top 5 QBs in the league, I would say these two could compete for the starting spot on all the other teams. Seattle is very fortunate to have two guys who are unproven but have shown that their upside is elite franchise QB. Jackson is not a bad QB and would have been our backup if not for Wilson’s ability to learn quickly, athleticism, and maturity. We knew about his athleticism when he was drafted but very few knew he is as talented as he is. Unless Seattle wants to keep Jackson on the roster and trade him when someone else’s QB gets hurt, he will be released. I don’t see him being traded before the season starts. He is a quality backup and an even better person so lighten up.

  4. avatar tahj

    Arizona gave up far too much to acquire Skelton??? lmao you mean Kevin Kolb


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