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The Miami Dolphins released former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson following a domestic abuse charge that led to Evelyn Lozada filing for divorce from the man formerly known as Ochocinco. While Johnson is already out, one of his former teammates with the Bengals could also soon be on the NFL unemployment line.

Terrell Owens may go down as one of the greatest wide receivers in the history of the NFL. Unfortunately, he is also going to go down as another future Hall of Fame player who doesn’t know when to call it quits.

The Seattle Seahawks were less than thrilled with their current group of wide receivers, so they brought in Braylon Edwards and Owens to help bolster a weak passing offense. But while Edwards had an impressive debut with the Seahawks last week, Owens failed to produce for Seattle against the Denver Broncos last night.

Pete Carroll kept his word and played Owens early enough in the game so that he could see some passes from Matt Flynn, who is still projected as the Seahawks’ starting quarterback, despite the impressive play of third round rookie Russell Wilson. Unfortunately for Owens, it may not have mattered who was throwing him passes, as all five that went his way went incomplete.

On at least two of the passes, there was a clear lack of communication between Flynn and Owens. But on one play that should have been a 46 yard touchdown strike, Owens flat out dropped the pass after getting past the defender.

For someone coming off of a major injury and who missed all of last season, Owens simply cannot afford to turn in a performance such as the one from last night. Between his age, his rust and his attitude that never helps his case, last night may have been the beginning of the end for Owens in the NFL.

Johnson is out of the league, and possibly out of chances. The same may be true for Owens, and it may not be much longer before this is realized.

But all may not be lost. VH1 scrapped its’ plans for a reality show featuring Johnson and Lozada.

Maybe they can replace it with one featuring Johnson and Owens.

Perhaps you can help me pick a name for the show. Here are a few choices, so please comment and your favorite one, or feel free to leave a suggestion in your comment.

1. Desperate Receivers – the new Desperate Housewives.

2. Lost 2 – no knock on the show, but these two are clearly lost and washed up.

3. I Blew It – how guys with so many chances still can’t make it work.

4. 30+ and Jobless – to replace that awful 16 and Pregnant.

5. 2 Broke Divas – 2 Broke Girls is great, so why not this new show?

6. Persons of No Interest – Person of Interest is good, so this could be a competing show on a different network.





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  1. avatar tony

    Horrible article, after his first game you decided to write this idiotic article? Im not a t.o. fan but it was only one game!

  2. avatar Tony Montana

    This guy is an idiot! His job should be taken away for writing this article!This is an example of corrupt media! Ican’t wait for someone to mess with this guys career!!

  3. avatar Ray

    This is an idiotic article. He couldnt wait to beat up on Terrell. This is his “First” game, genius. There are so many things to write about. use your brain better

  4. avatar Demetrius

    This is the dumbest article…. pissed at myself for reading it…goin to print it out some I can wipe with it…

  5. avatar Eric

    I loved this article! Well done, Rob Kelley!

  6. avatar craig

    I hope I remember this writers name so I don’t waste anymore of my time. This may even make you stupid after your done reading it.

  7. avatar craig

    Pick on Chad he always sucked anyway!

  8. avatar Samson

    Wow really? A decent report until the end. Some people just love to embrace the suffering of others..

  9. avatar Sampson

    T.O showed what a great Job he could do getting behind defenders. In his defense he is still the best and will shock the world and the NFL this year.

  10. avatar JLE

    rude and cruel article!!!


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