By Eric Schmidt

A Texas woman has filed suit against the Dallas Cowboys after suffering third-degree burns in August of 2010. Jennelle Carrillo attended a Blue and Silver scrimmage in August 2010 and sat on a black marble bench seat before entering the stadium and suffered her injury. She has filed a lawsuit against the Cowboys, claiming that there was no signage which stated the seat would be too hot to sit on.

According to the Dallas News, Carrillo was treated for burns to her buttocks and has undergone skin grafts.

Her lawsuit claims that the Cowboys should have known that the black marble bench seat would be hot in the August Texas sun and should have informed fans that the seats would be possibly too hot to sit on. She is requesting a jury trial.According to the lawsuit which was filed, “Defendants breached their duty of care by both failing to make the condition reasonably safe and failing to adequately warn the plaintiff.”

Excuse me. At what point do people have to be held accountable for their own actions? I live in Florida. I’m very familiar with how hot things become in the sun. It’s exactly why I do not own a black vehicle. Life comes with inherent risks. Stupidity should not be the base of multiple lawsuits which seek to bleed money from businesses.

If the Cowboys had placed a sign near the bench and she missed the sign and still sat on the bench, she’d likely be filing suit because the sign wasn’t big enough. Have you seen the side of any five-gallon bucket in recent years? There is a picture warning of the possibility of children drowning in a bucket which has water in it. Really?

In life, common sense should take precedent over litigation.




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