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The Savannah State Tigers were never really in their 2012 CFB season opener against the Oklahoma State Cowboys.

Alright. That was putting it mildly. The Tigers lost to the Cowboy by a score of 84-0. Following that disastrous outcome, you would think it could not get worse for the Tigers following their road drubbing at the hands of the No. 19 team in college football.

Guess again.

This week, the Tigers head to Tallahassee to take on the No. 6 nationally ranked team in America, the Florida State Seminoles.

The oddsmakers have not let that fact gone unnoticed. They have made the Seminoles a record favorite of 70.5 points over the Tigers on Saturday.

Had the Cowboys not let up last week, they probably could have dropped over 100 points on the Tigers. If the Seminoles, who already put up 69 points of their own in their season opening beatdown against the Murray State Racers, decide to really lay it on this weekend, could they actually cover the spread, and perhaps even drop more points than the Cowboys last Saturday?

It is sad to even say this, but it is definitely a possibility.

People who come up with the spread feel that this is such a great possibility that they favored the Seminoles more than 10 points more over a team than they previous record high spread. That game saw the high powered offense of the Hawaii Warriors as a 60 point favorite over the Northern Colorado Bears back in 2007.

In case you are wondering, Hawaii failed to cover the spread in that game, as they won 63-6. They only won by 57 points, falling three short of a push.

What a bunch of slouches.

But regardless of whether or not the Tigers fail to cover this record spread, all is not lost for them for the second consecutive week. Because they played at Oklahoma State, the school received $385,000. Playing at Florida State will gain them $475,000.

Having defeated only three different schools as an FCS program, there is a good chance that Savannah State at least comes close to losing by enough to give Florida State the win on the field and by the points. But as much of a mismatch as this is, even the Tigers should be able to avoid being part of the wrong side of history in two ways in this game.

The most lopsided victory in the history of college football took place in 1916. That was the year that the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets defeated the Cumberland Bulldogs 222-0. The Bulldogs took the next four years off to recuperate.

Hopefully, the same will not be said of Savannah State following their big game against Florida State.

In the end, Tigers head coach Steve Davenport may have said it best when discussing the rewards of going on the road to serve as cupcakes for the big boys of college football.

“We’re going to have to readdress that. You get paid for certain things, but I don’t know if at the end of the day, some things are worth the payments you get. But we’ll see. Those are conversations we’ll have.”

It may be a conversation that they must have following this weekend.





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