By Eric Schmidt

The Cleveland Browns have started the 2012 campaign 0-2. The fan base is disappointed once again. However, WR Greg Little is celebrating on Twitter as if the Browns are sitting atop the division, something which has drawn the ire of Browns fans on the social network platform.

Shortly after the conclusion of the Browns loss to in-state rival Cincinnati last Sunday, Little headed over to his Twitter account to post a couple pictures. The first was one of Little holding up his fingers showing the numbers “2″ and “3″. Little Tweeted, “One time for homie 2-3″, a reference to suspended CB Joe Haden.

Little then posted another photo of himself striking the trademark Usain Bolt pose, shooting an arrow in the sky. He attached the comment, “I’m in the same boat as Usain Bolt”. Really? This is the same Greg Little that couldn’t catch a cold last season, leading the team in dropped passes.

Little was asked by reporters about his celebration pictures and it seemed as if the backlash from disgruntled Browns fans made no impact on him. “It’s just a picture”, said Little. He later commented, “If I cared about every opinion I got on Twitter, I wouldn’t be able to function.”

Perhaps his showboating antics upset Browns fans because of the years of futility the franchise has suffered. Fans would like to see more production on the field and less of the Chad Ochocinco-esque performances.

Little has been targeted 11 times so far this season and has recorded just five receptions for 57 yards and a score.




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