By Matt Johnson

How long will it take the Ravens to learn your best player should get the ball more than 25 times a game

I don’t know why week after week, I keep expecting something to change with the Baltimore Ravens play-calling. It might be I have too much faith that Cam Cameron will gain some sense, or maybe it is my fantasy football side doing the complaining. In the end, the Ravens just aren’t giving the football enough to Ray Rice.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do like Joe Flacco, but he is not the best player on this team. While Joe Flacco has proven to be a Top 10 QB, and he has the arm strength to air it out, the disparity between passing and run plays is upsetting. Consider in the Ravens past 4 games, Flacco has averaged 23 more passing attempts per week than Rice has rushing attempts. Then when you consider Rice has only had 1 game where he got 20 carries, the disparity between pass plays and run plays becomes very clear. Now granted, this is a strong receiving core with options like Anquan Boldin, Torrey Smith and Dennis Pitta. All that aside, when you have a RB like Ray Rice who is one of the few complete backs in the league, it is a waste of talent to only be giving him less than 20-25 touches per game.

Now this goes far beyond me and my fantasy team, the lack of carries also has much to do with the Ravens as well. Look back at last season when Rice carried the ball 20+ times, the Ravens were 8-0. However, when Rice carried the ball less than 20 times, the team was 4-4. That is just taking the teams records into this discussion, but what about the financial aspect. Entering this season with a new contract, Rice is the highest paid player on the team. Making &7.7M this year, Rice makes nearly 1 million more than Flacco, who is a free agent in 2013. Now explain this to me, why are you putting the ball in someone who is looking to cash in big next season, over your highest paid player who you have under team control for several years. We already know Joe Flacco thinks he is a Top 5 QB, and he may want that type of money in free agency. So the more you let him air it out, the more chances he gets to pad his stats and use that against you at the negotiating table.

In the end, the lack of touches for Ray Rice is simply mind boggling. The decision not to give it to one of the best RB’s in the league 20+ times a game seems almost moronic. When Ray Rice has the ball in his hands, he gives the Baltimore Ravens and fantasy owners a great chance to win every week. So why do the Ravens not give it to him more, that is the one question that may never be solved.


Matt Johnson

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