By Matt Johnson

If you haven’t already, Chris Johnson should be glued to your bench after what he did this week

I hate to say I told you so, but in the case of Chris Johnson excuse me while I say “told you so”. When it came to the fantasy value of CJ0K he was the one top 10 RB I wanted to avoid this season, and now we know why. When a star RB has run for less yards (45) in 3 games then Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel, you shouldn’t be starting for anyone.

After running for a combined 21 yards in the first 2 weeks, some might see Johnsons’ 24 yard game against the Detroit Lions as a step up, let me tell you it’s not. Johnson had 1 nice run for 13 yards, but besides that was worthless. This was another horrendous game for Johnson and fantasy owners, as the pains of a wasted first round pick grow. Everyone who drafted Johnson likely used a 1st round pick on him, so the question now is, “What do I do with CJ0k?”

There is no simple answer to that question that will satisfy the minds of fantasy owners. While benching Johnson is the obvious choice, it also signals a recognition of a wasted draft pick. The problem with benching him, is who do you replace him with. If you have a player like Mikel Leshoure, Andre Brown, or even Mike Tolbert, I like them all more than what Johnson would bring you. If you have to hit the waiver wire, try to get Daniel Thomas, who could get some touches if Reggie Bush (knee) is out for a few weeks. You can’t trade him now because, really what could you get for him, Peyton Hillis? If you were to trade Chris Johnson this week, odds are you will get .01 cent on the dollar for him. Then there is the dreaded 3rd option, cutting your 1st pick after 3 weeks. As of now, the easiest option is to just leave Johnson on your bench, and hope your other options can give you more than 3 points per week, which odds are they will.


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