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Apparently, Chris Hogan can no longer keep the nickname that his Miami Dolphins teammates gave him on the HBO Hard Knocks series.

Simply put, you cannot be called “7-Eleven” if you are no longer opened for business.

On Tuesday, the Dolphins cut Hogan from their practice squad.

The wide receiver earned that moniker during Training Camp in Miami because his teammates said he was always open. Running back Reggie Bush gave him that nickname because of his availability to get open during practice.

Granted, that was against the Dolphins’ cornerbacks. We will see as the NFL season progresses that it is not all that difficult for any receiver to get open against this defense.

But alas, Hogan is no longer open. He is not even on the team.

Evidently, television cannot make everyone a star. Although it may have worked out well for another player known first from his Hard Knocks fame.

The Dolphins cut Hogan to make room for defensive tackle Chas Alecxih, who we learned was lost at sea in the Gulf of Mexico for over eight hours after his Jet Ski floated away. Alecxih told the cameras that he was just about ready to abandon all hope when he was finally rescued by the Coast Guard.

So while the doors may be closed on Hogan, the tides are changing for Alecxih.

Too soon?

You may remember Alecxih more for his goofy hazing haircut, but it is his personal story that should be remembered.





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