By Matt Johnson

Green Bay Packers CB Jarrett Bush was the latest Packers defender to say the team beat themselves

When I heard on ESPN this morning that Green Bay Packers CB Jarrett Bush came out and said “we beat ourselves, they didn’t beat us”, I was furious to say the least. Bush isn’t the first Packers player to make this statement either, Pro Bowl LB Clay Matthews also said the team beat themselves in regards to last years playoff loss vs. the New York Giants. This article isn’t just about Jarrett Bush, it is about an entire Packers defense that needs to learn to keep their mouth shut.

We beat ourselves. They really didn’t beat us, We just have to hunker down and make sure we’re gap sound,and get on the same page. Obviously, small things being miscommunicated on the field become big things, so they exploited us and that’s what happened”

-Green Bay Packers CB Jarrett Bush on loss vs. 49ers

The Green Bay Packers defense is by far the worst in the NFL. They have been like that since 2011, when they ranked last in the NFL in yards allowed . For the past 2 seasons now it has been Aaron Rodgers and the passing game that has been winning games for this football team, and went 15-1 last season.  This defense however is nefarious, and shouldn’t be making statements like this. Not only does it show a disrespect toward your opposing teams, it is over the line and blasphemous.  I know some are saying “Jarrett who?” and they are right, this means even less coming from a No.2 CB who left Randy Moss open on nearly every play. The thing is though, I don’t care if it was Bush, or Matthews or even future Hall of Famer Charles Woodson, it is inexcusable.

If they are serious about fixing their mistakes, then they need to step away from the microphone and spend some more time in the film room fixing their “mistakes”. The Green Bay Packers are one of the best teams in the NFL, but that is all because of their offense. They won’t make it back to the Super Bowl, or even the NFC Championship if this defense doesn’t turn things around.  So I say this to the Packers defense, the time is now to either put up on the field and win some football games, or shut up because you are nowhere near a place where you can call out other teams.


Matt Johnson

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  1. avatar scott

    I agee 100% I am a Packer fan and when I read the comment made by Bush I couldn’t believe it. He, of all people should just keep his mouth shut. The only reason he is even starting is because House is injured, Shields has just flat out regressed and Hayward is just too inexperienced. I would say the only thing that saved him from getting cut a few years back is because of special teams play. Was there miscommunication? Yes, big time. Collins is sorely missed for both his play and leadership. Until someone steps up to fill the void left by his departure I feel the Packers defense will struggle.

  2. avatar Ron

    Fire the secondary coach. the play back there is pathetic for a couple of years. Keep Peeking for picks and not locking in on receivers.How you can let an antique like Moss get open like that is sad. you could tell he DID NOT want to take a hit. We never punish any receivers over the middle. gonna be long year if things don’t change.

  3. avatar Joe

    There are a lots of things wrong with the Packers. First is their inflated egos, they think they’re elite just because they put on the helmet. The Coaching staff needs to pull their heads out and get these players to play. Its very simple Packers, run the football to set up the pass. Stop the run. Pass the ball efficiently, don’t let their receivers get open. Running the ball, blast block, knock the defense on their butts. Be Packers honor the Packers’ traditions of winning with great play. Stop being arrogant, stop being stupid or you’ll be out of the Playoff race before November.

  4. avatar davidt

    If Packer fans are going to fawn over the players and coaches and treat them like some sort of royalty whether they win or lose, why should they make any effort to improve?

  5. avatar melvin danger

    I blame the head coach, mike hologram would blast players for bad play and bench them, mc carthy seems to baby them, we beat our selves is a joke,does anyone teach tackling? how about drafting taller DB’s,and you are allowed to hit a receiver within 5 yards, why are they being coached to play 10 yards off a receiver when he needs 5yds for a first down, it will be a loooong season unless jobs and positions are not lost.


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