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After a 1-1 start, Rex Ryan is already getting sick of answering the same questions. He has had it with the Tim Tebow talk. He is fed up with the questions asking about the wildcat offense. In two short weeks, Ryan is fed up with the same old stuff.

Get used to it.

Ryan should have known that from the day the Jets traded for Tebow, this was no longer strictly about football. It was no longer about wins and losses. It was not simply about the players who were playing during the games. As soon as the Jets made the foolish decision to acquire Tebow from the Denver Broncos, they became a media circus.

And that will not change any time soon.

But Ryan is getting sick of it. When he brought in former Miami Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano to run the offense, you knew the wildcat would make a few cameos. It sounded as if that was the main reason the team brought in Tebow, but they haven’t really gotten it off the ground in the first two games.

Just don’t ask Ryan why not.

After hyping up the offense that Sparano made famous in the NFL with the Dolphins a few years in a huge upset win over the New England Patriots, the Jets have failed to utilize it much at all in the regular season. Ryan said he will let us all know when the right time to unleash it this season will take place.

“Well, we’ve always said from day one, we can do it 20 times, 40 times, 10 times, two times, whatever.   But we determine that, OK?,” said Ryan.  ”Does that mean that given the exact same scenario against a different opponent that you may or may not use it?  That’ll be up to us.”

Ryan is already frustrated. The Jets defeated the Buffalo Bills in week 1 in a game they were expected to win. They lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday in a game they were expected to lose. That would be well enough for most teams, but not the Jets. Not Ryan. And not because of Tebow.

I am not saying that Ryan is definitely regretting the decision to trade for Tebow, but he is certainly sick of talking about him and answering questions from the media regarding the team’s No. 2 quarterback.

It even got to the point that when one reporter asked “If Tebow can pass,” that Ryan interrupted him before he could finish the rest of his question by stating emphatically “He can pass.”


“We always do what’s in the best interest of our team,” the coach said. ”What I loved about Tim when he was in there when he made that big run, the emotion and all that kind of stuff. It was great to see.  How many times we’ll run it this week, we’ll see.”

So, are you sick of Tebow and all the media attention he seems to bring?

“I was upset with the loss,” Ryan said.  ”I’m not worried about a question about Tim Tebow.”

Keep telling yourself that.

But keep one thing in mind.

The first step to fixing a problem is admitting that you have a problem in the first place. Denial is not helping anyone.





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Readers Comments (6)

  1. avatar Joseph B

    This title is ridiculous. Rex didn’t say he was regretting the trade. Also, don’t try to use the lame excuse of having a question mark there.

  2. avatar 5howard491005

    Rex set up the expectations for Tebow and is now getting sensitive that fans are questioning his judgement. Get used to it. Tebow was the only unpredictable factor that the Steelers were worried about, and is pretty good at the long ball, as the Steelers found out last year. Sanchez was already out of sorts, and his second half passing was worse than Tebow’s has been. Are we afraid of hurting his feelings? Need more Tebow.

    • avatar Sharon Milner

      I am a UF grad so of course I love Tebow.

      If Sanchez isn’t passing or running well like on Sunday why not put Tebow in to see what he can do. He usually6 finds a way to make something happen.

      Tim is a charasmatic guy and was doing pretty well at Denver. Of course Manning functions way above almost evreyone.

      I wish we were seeing more quarterbacks with the prsence and integrity of Manning and Tebow.

      Why not give Tebow a chance?

  3. avatar Phyllis Lynes

    YES, WE NEED MORE TEBOW!!He (Rex Ryan) was stupid for not playing Tebow more and using him only once. WE NEED MORE TEBOW!!!!!!!!!

  4. avatar Wayne

    Tebow hater. Even HOF Steve Young says Tebow has the skills to become a great quarterback under the right coach. Tebow was only one of most prolific college quarterbacks of all time. You can’t tell me all that skill just disappears.


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