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The San Diego Chargers are going to retire Junior Seau’s No. 55 jersey this Sunday in the home opener against the Tennessee Titans. It is a great gesture to the late Seau, who took his own life after enjoying one of the best careers in the history of the Chargers’ franchise.

Unfortunately, many of the people and fans who watched Seau have some of his best seasons with the Chargers may not be able to witness the game or ceremony take place due to NFL local blackout rules.

The Chargers reportedly still have several thousand unsold tickets entering this weekend’s game with the Titans. they have until 1:25 local time today to sell those remaining general tickets. If not, the game will not be televised in Southern California.

I understand the rule. I know why it is in place. But as they always say, there is always an exception to every rule.

San Diego faced a similar situation last year, when home games against the Miami Dolphins and Arizona Cardinals were not aired locally. In 2010, the Chargers had three games that also did not air locally, including the team’s first two of the season.

This season marks the fifth consecutive year that the team has not raised ticket prices, but season-ticket sales are reportedly lower than last year. The team has not enjoyed the same level of success on the field, so I understand the dip in sales. Due to that, I understand why a few Chargers games have not aired on local television.

But Sunday is different. Seau was so important to the people of Southern California. He was a member of the USC Trojans. he played for the Chargers in a Super Bowl. He did so much for the community and people in the area. Regardless of what the local blackout rules are, this game needs to be seen by anyone in the area who wants to watch it on Sunday.

I don’t care what it takes. The league can buy and raffle the tickets with the money going to concussion research instead of to the Chargers. It doesn’t matter.

But ultimately, someone needs to come up with an idea that will sell the remaining tickets and get this game on television for the people of Southern California.

For all that he did for the fans and the NFL, Seau and his family deserve at least that much.






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Readers Comments (4)

  1. avatar Bmac

    Blackouts punish local markets for not purchasing tickets and in the process eliminate the best marketing opportunity to create future excitement regarding the team. They also create animosity within the fanbase which actually discourages any future ticket sales. This is somehow a solution to the problem? The Seau ceremony will only amplify these detrimental outcomes. Also, LA is included in SD’s “local market” and actually didn’t even get the blacked out pre-season game this year until 3 hours after the game was aired in SD! So who exactly are they trying to punish and how can alienating the second largest tv market ever be good for business? The NFL is a product that consumers desire so much that they are willing to overlook certain issues…..something the official refs are keenly aware of at the moment. With these blackouts however the NFL is playing with fire and fans will only take so much. I wouldn’t expect many LA bolts fans (which there are many) to attend home games when they can’t watch em on tv and the Lakers are rolling out an epic team on Oct. 1st!

  2. avatar 1961 Fan

    Great post Bmac, very true and observant. Perhaps we are witnessing the gradual demise of the NFL. My only comment is how the Bolts handle unruly fans. They come back to the season ticket account holder and in some cases have taken away their season seats when they had no control over how their ticket buyers behaved. There is a great deal of fan apathy in San Diego and poor play in the 2012 season will help fuel the blackout situation.
    1961 Fan

  3. avatar Rebeca

    The rule is the game is blacked out within a 75 mile radius from where it is broadcast. In this case, the broadcast is in LA which means that even though we live 150 miles from the stadium, we are blacked out as well. :(


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