By Eric Schmidt

In one of the most curious moves I’ve read about in month’s, the Dallas Cowboys announced that Victoria’s Secret is opening a store in Dallas Cowboys Stadium. The store will be opening in the concourses of the stadium in time for the team’s game Monday night against the Chicago Bears. The Houston Chronicle reports that the store will be located near Entry A to the stadium.

The paper reports that the store will sell lingerie, t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, underwear and Cowboys clothing.

I can’t really see how this idea ever cleared the marketing office. I’ve attended a lot of football games in my lifetime and at no point, in any stadium, have I ever felt the need to swing by and pick up some undergarments for my wife. Sorry, that’s just how I roll.

I understand that more and more women are attending football games and women are now making up a significant portion of apparel sales, but placing a Victoria’s Secret in a football stadium? It’s already costly enough to attend a football game and seeing one at Dallas Cowboys Stadium is among the most expensive. I’m thinking that men and women who might be planning a visit to Victoria’s Secret will likely head to the mall and won’t be visiting the stadium store.




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