By Eric Schmidt

New York Jets QB Tim Tebow has received his fair share of criticism and attention this offseason. Some of the criticism has come from former NFL players which shared Tebow’s position, quarterback. Former Cincinnati Bengals and New York Jets QB Boomer Esiason has been one of Tebow’s harshest critics, saying earlier that “Tim Tebow should be cut.” When asked about Esiason’s comments, Tebow told reporters, “I’ve heard nothing but good things about Mr. Esiason…and God bless him.”

Esiason has commented on the southpaw quarterback once again, this time telling USA Today that ‘I think he’s on the wrong team at the wrong time.” Why is it that former Jets quarterbacks feel the need to comment on the current status of the Jets all the time? Esiason posted a career 15-27 record with New York in three seasons.

Esiason states in his interview that he believes that Tebow was brought in by the Jets in order to push current QB Mark Sanchez. I can follow this line of thinking and past practice by head coach Rex Ryan would suggest that. In previous seasons when Mark Sanchez was struggling, Ryan would hand over entire practices to backup quarterback Mark Brunell in order to get Sanchez motivated. Of course, Brunell did not come with the media attention that has followed Tebow.

I have watched every one of the Jets preseason games, the offense was horrible, scoring just one touchdown in four contests. The focus on improving Sanchez on the field should not have come with the addition of Tebow, but rather by providing Sanchez with some more offensive weapons.

The running game is weak, the offensive line has struggled, the receiving corps could use an upgrade and now the Jets open the season with TE Dustin Keller nursing a hamstring injury. Quite frankly, Joe Montana would have a hard time moving this team.

Rex Ryan told reporters last week that he thinks this is the best Jets team he’s ever coached. He’s either crazy like a fox, or simply crazy. Ryan is relying on an offensive gimmick to bolster his offense, the Wildcat. In the era of the passing game, Ryan is relying on a running attack to carry his club.

For Ryan’s sake, he had better hope his gamble will pay dividends because after reaching the AFC Championship game in consecutive seasons, his team has regressed and his job is squarely on the line this season. The Patriots appear poised to repeat as division champions and the Buffalo Bills have made some great strides in the offseason. Another season without a trip to the post-season could be very damaging to Ryan’s future and that looks to be a daunting task this season.




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Readers Comments (3)

  1. avatar Mary Ann Leverence

    Guess we’ll just have to wait & see what happens. Tebow sure motivated a torally lackluster team to the playoffs last season, maybe there’ll be another “miraculous” result with the Jets??????

  2. avatar Ken Hughes

    I think Boomer has been living with a feeling of disgrace for so long and he needs someone he can in lower than he was to make him better.

  3. avatar Capt. Dan Stillmuks

    Hey, “Big-Mouth” Boomer!? What was YOUR 2nd year in the NFL like??
    Tebow is a winner. His entire 1st year he road the bench. His second season he started 7 or 8 games but he took the Broncos to the playoffs. This is Tim’s 3rd offensive coordinator in three years. I think YOU ARE just JEALOUS of the fact that this kid is: young, handsome, healthy, a millionaire, and may just start for the NYJ sometime soon. My momma told me ‘if you can’t say something NICE, don’t say anything at all.” I feel sorry for you. You are OUT of football except for the lame talk show where you get all excited criticizing a player (Tebow) who HASN’T even played a game as a Jet yet. I rebuke you in Jesus’ name.


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