By Eric Schmidt

If you thought the NFL replacement referees were bad last Monday night, you weren’t disappointed this week during the regular season. A plethora of  mistakes and bad calls filled the roster of Sunday games. However, the lack of quality officiating was on full display this evening once again on the national stage which showcases America’s Game on the largest stage.

Tonight’s Monday Night Football game was determined by the inability of the replacement officials to understand the rules of the game. Seattle Seahawks WR Golden Tate clearly committed offensive pass interference on the last play of the game but somehow came down with the ball in the endzone as the final clock expired and was awarded a game winning touchdown.

This game is going to be the poster child for the replacement referees exiting the realm of the NFL. If the replacement referees are not ushered out of the NFL within the next few weeks, the league and Commissioner Roger Goodell are at risk of seeing the NFL product and the quality of that product diluted exponentially.

Mr. Goodell wants to push player safety, a handfull of violent hits were recorded over the weekend, with no calls made on the field. I wrote this morning that at some point the replacement referees would have an impact on the outcome of a game, and hours later, the replacement referees did impact the outcome of a regular season game.

This situation has gotten out of control. The NFL “Shield” that Roger Goodell wants to protect, is worth billions of dollars. After three weeks into the regular season, fans are stressed. A game has now been comprised by foolish and an irresponsible ruling.

Three weeks have concluded of the regular season. Can the owners now be brought back in? Can the owners be convinced that there is a serious issue with the officiating staff? The NFL might be the king of the hill right now with television viewership, but the NFL might want to watch what happens with the current NHL lockout. If the league continues to allow this disastrous behavior, Las Vegas might make a call to Park Avenue. The league denies that anyone wagers on the NFL games, but irresponsible officiating is now affecting point spreads.





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