By Eric Schmidt

Could the Green Bay Packers be in the market for another quarterback to add to their roster? On Friday, all 32 NFL teams had to trim their rosters to the 53-man limit and a few interesting quarterback possibilities were made available if the Packers aren’t completely sold on Graham Harrell. Harrell is the only quarterback other than Aaron Rodgers currently on the Packers roster. Rodgers is a very durable quarterback but Harrell has no starting experience in the NFL.

The Packers obviously think highly of Harrell. Last season, the Buffalo Bills tried to sign Harrell off their practice squad and the franchise responded by pulling him back and adding him to the team’s 53-man roster. The Packers knew that they would not be signing Matt Flynn this season and obviously prepared to make Harrell the backup this season. However, Harrell struggled for most of the preseason, leading to questions about whether or not he would become a functional backup for Green Bay.

Harrell did bounce back in the Packers final preseason game though, passing for 223 yards and two scores while posting a 158.3 passer rating. Harrell was playing in the final preseason game, a game which typically features few starting players.

There are some interesting options available for the Packers. The Eagles released Mike Kafka. Kafka was unable to overcome a strong preseason from veteran Trent Edwards as well as impressive performances from rookie Nick Foles. Kafka cleared through waivers and is now available to be signed. Kafka drew little interest on the trade market from the Eagles, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he isn’t desired by any NFL teams.

Kafka has shown some ability, and while he has just appeared in a handful of games for the Eagles, he too is a project, much like Harrell. He doesn’t provide the Packers with a significant upgrade at the quarterback position, but he is an interesting prospect to bring on board and see if he can develop.

On the veteran front, the Cleveland Browns released QB Seneca Wallace. The 7-year veteran was likely as roster casualty based on his salary with Colt McCoy under contract for $540,000 this year while the Browns have fully committed to starting rookie Brandon Weeden under center. Wallace has starting experience, appearing in 62 games and starting 21. Wallace has played his entire career in versions of the West Coast offense.

There have been rumors circulating around the Browns that the club might be interested in bringing in QB A.J. Feeley and then releasing QB Colt McCoy. That is simply speculation at this point and if it eventually happens, then McCoy’s name could be put in the mix.

Another quarterback was added to the mix regarding the Packers this weekend, Miami Dolphins QB Matt Moore. NFL Insider Jason LaCanfora hit Twitter with speculation that the Packers or Cardinals were interested in trading for Moore. Moore makes more sense than any of the other names which have been bantered about. However, he might not join the Packers until David Garrard proves he is ready to return to the field. Trading Moore before the start of the season, leaves two rookie quarterbacks able to play for the Dolphins until Garrard is healthy after undergoing knee surgery. The Packers might eventually trade for Moore, but I would be shocked to see the Dolphins leave themselves so shorthanded at this point.

Given the track record of the Packers in the past few seasons, I believe they are going to stand pat at this point. Matt Flynn was an unproven commodity and the Packers were comfortable with him backing up Rodgers for the last few seasons. Yes, Harrell struggled in the Packers first three preseason games, but he always didn’t receive the best pass protection and suffered some dropped passes.

If the Packers had any remaining doubts regarding Harrell, they might have jumped on Wallace as soon as he was released. I am not looking for the Packers to make any serious moves at the quarterback position at this time.






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