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When the Philadelphia Eagles signed QB Michael Vick to a six year contract worth more than $100 million, everyone knew that they were taking a huge risk, gambling on Vick’s health, among other things. Nobody knew how his body would hold up after his great comeback season of 2010, and they also were not sure whether or not Vick could stay out of trouble. Philly rolled the dice, and they were banking on big things.

But after his struggles last season, that roll may have come up snake eyes as the rest of the league has not only come up with a plan to slow down Vick, but with his style of play and a weak offensive line in Philadelphia, could this be the last year we see Vick in an Eagles’ uniform?

It may sound unlikely, but it would be ignorant to dismiss the idea altogether.

Vick has played all 16 games in an NFL schedule just once in his career, and that took place back in 2006. It was his final season with the Atlanta Falcons. In fact, it was his last season in the NFL for a few years following his prison sentence for his role in running and participating in illegal – and just flat out appalling – dogfighting. It was not until the 2009 NFL season that we would see Vick again.

With that being said, Vick is now 32-years-old. Many say it is a young 32 because he missed two full seasons while serving his jail sentence, but when you add in how much running he does and how many vicious hits he has taken, suddenly that ‘young 32’ turns into a very ancient one in terms of NFL players.

And throw in the fact that in 2011, even when Vick was healthy – or at least relatively close – he was not all that effective.

But what may be alarming is that while many point to what he did in 2010 as being superb, last year was not all that different in terms of many of his statistics. Take a look:

2010: 12 Games / 233 Completions of 372 Attempts for 3,018 Yards / 100 Rushes for 678 yards / 21 Pass TD and 9 Rush TD / 6 INT and 10 Total Fumbles
2011: 13 Games / 253 Completions of 423 Attempts for 3,303 Yards / 76 Rushes for 589 Yards / 18 Pass TD and 1 Rush TD / 14 INT and 10 Total Fumbles

We are not exactly talking night and day differences here. So, with that all added up, is Vick really worth all the money that the Eagles are paying him? It can be said that Carolina Panthers rookie QB Cam Newton was far more impressive than Vick…

… In 2010, Vick’s career year.

In fact, looking at the two in comparison, Newton completed 77 more passes, threw for 1,033 more yards and the same amount of touchdowns, but ran for 30 more yards and rushed for 5 more touchdowns on the ground.

And, Newton has not bee in prison and is just 23-years-old.

But I know that this is not between Vick and Newton. In the end, this will be between Vick and his health and back-up quarterback Nick Foles when he fills in for Vick in regular season games. We all know it will happen at some point.

Do any of you truly believe that Vick will play all 16 games this season? If you do, I’d love to make a small wager.

Vick is owed $15.5 million for the 2013 season. If he is on the roster two days after the next Super Bowl, then a guaranteed $3 million will be paid immediately.

If Vick leads the Eagles to the Super Bowl, or at least remains healthy, plays well and takes them deep into the NFC Playoffs, maybe this is a moot point.

But if he does not, then we may be revisiting this idea as much more likely as we approach free agency and the 2013 NFL Draft.






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  1. avatar Tito

    stats aren’t exactly night and day? how about 11 fewer touchdowns and 8 more interceptions? is that a joke? he killed it in 2010 because he never turned the ball over- last year he forced it into the hands of every single opponent. and also you said he was healthy last year- what about those casual broken ribs against the cardinals? next time read the facts robby boy.

  2. avatar justme50a

    That is the craziest notion I heard yet, now if something nutty should happen or Vick did something stupid that is the only way I see him going.


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