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The Dallas Cowboys feel that they have given Felix Jones plenty of chances to succeed. He was handed the starting role as running back and given plenty of opportunities to show that he can be a lead back and receiver out of the backfield. Dallas also even decided to try Jones as a kick returner to show his explosiveness on a regular basis.

But after another costly turnover by Jones on Sunday in a loss to the Seattle Seahawks, the Cowboys may now feel that time is running out on Jones in Dallas.

Speaking about his fumble on the opening kickoff, Cowboys’ head coach Jason Garrett did not shy away from Jones’s future with the team.

“Well, we’re always looking at personnel, to be honest with you, and when you make a play like that, you look hard again at that and what the alternatives are,” Garrett told The Dallas Morning News. “You’ve heard me say up here a lot that you have to have a lot of returner options, because they get taken away from you. And OK, who’s the next guy up? Who can catch this kickoff? Who can catch this punt? So we have a few different guys working at that, and we’ll evaluate that again this week.”

Jones is already barely a back-up running back on the team behind cemented starter, Demarco Murray. Now, he may lose some chances on special teams, as Dallas could opt to go with Morris Claiborne, Kevin Ogletree or Phillip Tanner.

Soon, you have to wonder if Jones will play himself from running back to returner to off the team. It appears as if he may eb close, although it may actually still make more sense for Dallas to hold onto the injury prone, fumbling Jones.

It makes no sense from some standpoints, but Jones’s salary is already guaranteed for the 2012 season. The chances of dealing Jones for much more than sixth or seventh round pick seems highly unlikely, considering his trade value is at an all-time low. Cutting him would make little sense if you still have to pay him, so the Cowboys will most likely hold onto Jones for the remainder of this season.

He just may not see the field too often, barring a plethora of injuries to other key players at multiple positions, including Murray and some other kick returners.

We are seeing it more and more in the NFL. It doesn’t matter how talented you are, or how explosive you can be at times.

If you cannot hold onto the ball, you may not be able to hold onto your job.

It is that simple.

Jones may soon be the latest player to find out how true that is in today’s game.





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