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Greg Jennings missed the Green Bay Packers game against the Chicago Bears last Thursday night with a groin injury, and he is still a huge question mark as the team travels to take on the Seattle Seahawks this Monday night. While many initially believed that a 10 day layoff between weeks two and three would be enough for Jennings to suit up, the wide receiver may sit this one out as well.

While there is no question that Jennings suffered a groin injury, is there any chance that he is being extra cautious as he enters the final year of his contract with Green Bay?

It is worth speculating, as Jennings does not want to do anything that could hurt his pending free agent status at the end of the 2012 NFL season. It is widely believed that with the plethora of talented wide receivers currently on Green Bay’s roster, this could very well be the final season for Jennings with the Packers.

With that beings aid, there is no chance – as much as he would love to be on the field helping his team win – that Jennings should consider returning from his groin injury too soon. This is something that can become much worse before it gets better, and there is always the strong chance of the injury reoccurring well after you feel it is completely healed.

Jennings could not make it through week one’s loss to the San Francisco 49ers. He also missed a lot of Training Camp and the preseason with a concussion. Simply put, Jennings has been a bit injury prone over the past few years with the Packers. He needs to do everything possible to secure a long term contract after this season – regardless of whether it is with the Packers or with another NFL team – meaning he cannot afford to rush back too soon only to miss even more time.

Nobody is saying that Jennings is taking too much time or milking this injury until he feels he is fully healed, although Green Bay head coach Mike McCarthy was surprised as Jennings’ status the end of this week heading into a huge game on Monday Night Football.

“He worked the other day and it didn’t go as well as we thought. I’m curious to see how he goes today. It’s been up and down. I know he’s frustrated and he doesn’t feel like he has a handle on it yet.”

Because of everything going on, Jennings may not have a handle on it as soon as anyone in the organization would like. But he still does not sound like a player who is sitting out longer than he or anyone else feels is necessary at this point. Not yet, at least.

“I’m not completely worried about it lingering too bad,” said Jennings. “It is what it is. It’s going to be something I’m going to have to push through right now. If I can get close to 100%, that’s all I’m looking for. I’m not looking to be 100 percent because that will never happen, ever, probably in my career. Ever.”

That isn’t exactly what a medical staff will want to hear if their team brings in Jennings for a free agency visit this offseason.

Still, Jennings is just being honest. many players are never again 100 percent after having played for a few years. But it would be an unwise decision for him to rush back this season, only to make the injury even worse going forward. That would not be in anybody’s best interest.






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