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The Philadelphia Eagles have been a pass-happy offense ever since Andy Reid took the head coaching job. When he aligns himself with offensive coaches such as Marty Mornhinweg, that philosophy will only get stronger and become more evident. It was the case with Donovan McNabb, and now it is the case with Michael Vick.

The problem is, it just isn’t working. The Eagles have LeSean McCoy, who is arguably one of the best running backs in the entire NFL, but they tend to ignore him at times and abandon the run. This allows Vick to air the ball out more on offense.

It also allows him to run around the pocket in an attempt to save his life, only to then wind up forcing a throw and turning the ball over far too often.

But don’t tell that to Mornhinweg, who says he will not change his offensive strategy going forward.

“We go after people, now,” Mornhinweg told the Philadelphia Daily News. “Look, look, look — I tell the players, we’re going to be aggressive. You can be aggressive in the running game or the passing game, but we’re going to be aggressive. I want them to be aggressive. I want them to play without the fear of mistakes. And if you make a mistake, we find the solution, we correct it, and we move on – fast. Once you get that thing motoring pretty good — and I think we’re closer than it appears — then you’re in pretty good shape, both run and pass.”

But are the Eagle sin pretty good shape, especially as it concerns their passing game? Between interceptions and fumbles, Vick has turned the ball over nine times. He has thrown six interceptions and lost three fumbles, although he has fumbled the ball far more than that, but his team has recovered the rest of them.

The Eagles may be 2-1, including a big win over the Baltimore Ravens. But if the turnovers and beatings continue, Vick will soon find himself on the bench or on the medical trainer’s bench.

And Reid and Mornhinweg will soon find themselves out of a job.





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