By Eric Schmidt

The 2012 NFL season was supposed to be the season for the Chicago Bears. Several mainstream media pundits predicted the Bears as the NFC representative in the Super Bowl. I predicted them as one of the NFC’s wildcard representative. Radio sports hosts were glowing after the Bears dominant win over the Indianapolis Colts last week. Temper down the expectations, the Bears beat the team which had the first pick in this year’s NFL Draft and gutted their 2011 roster.

Yes, I predicted that QB Jay Cutler would have a career year this season with the Bears and WR Brandon Marshall would return to his Denver Broncos days this season. Chicago added RB Michael Bush in free agency, but after last night’s game against the Green Bay Packers, one glowing deficiency remains for the Bears, the offensive line.

QB Jay Cutler has been sacked nine times in the first two games of the regular season. The media wants to make an issue of the dust up between Cutler and OL J’Marcus Webb. I don’t blame Cutler at all. Watch the rewind of this game, the Bears offensive line couldn’t have blocked a high school team. Backup QB Jason Campbell better start getting some reps in practices because Jay Cutler is going to have a hard time staying upright if this trend continues.

The offensive line woes have been an issue for several seasons now for Chicago, and this season appears to be no different. Chicago finally added offensive weapons around QB Jay Cutler, but all of the weapons in the NFL realm will not help Cutler unless he gets some protection, something he did not receive last night.

Cutler is now on pace for 72 sacks in the 16-game regular season. Jason Campbell better start getting reps in practice because Cutler will not remain upright for the entire 16-game season at this rate.




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