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The Philadelphia Eagles are once again far from a Dream Team. After Sunday’s brutal loss to the Arizona Cardinals, the 2012 season could once again resemble more of a nightmare once again. Michael Vick is just a few more turnovers and bad decisions away from being benched, and head coach Andy Reid is as close to being on the hot seat as he ever has throughout his lengthy tenure in Philadelphia.

So while the Eagles may still be 2-1 and tied atop the standings in the NFC East, this is not a team that appears to be ready to compete for a Super Bowl championship.

With that being said, is it time to start unloading some bad contracts in an attempt to shed some payroll going forward? If the Eagles do decide to go this route, they should start by trading away cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, who was signed to a five year contract worth roughly $60 million prior to last season.

Simply put, it was a terrible signing for the Eagles.

Asomugha has not been the player the Eagles thought they were getting when they signed him away from the Oakland Raiders. He has blown some assignments, fallen too far behind wide receivers and allowed more touchdowns than normal. He was even sen getting into an altercation with fellow defensive back Kurt Coleman on Sunday.

This is the second straight week that Asomugha was made to look bad on defense, and he is simply no longer a top shutdown cornerback.

Right now may be the best time to trade Asomugha, because if he continues to let up big plays, the Eagles may soon be stuck with him as his trade value plummets.

Coleman is not of the hook either. In fact, the whole defense has not been the same since the passing of Jim Johnson, despite the fact the the Eagles brought in many high priced, talented defenders. But whereas Asomugha is making so much money, the attention is always going to fall on him ahead of many others.

Even if Asomugha is no longer as effective as he once was, there are a few teams who could use his services. I am not suggesting that the Eagles are close to a fire sale. That is not at all the case.

But trading a player or two to save some cap space is never a bad option. Trading Asomugha would be a very good option.

As to which teams may be interested, the New York Jets come to mind first. After losing Darrelle Revis for the rest of the 2012 season with a torn ACL, the Jets could certainly be in the market for an upgrade at corner. They have Kyle Williams, but are not as comfortable using him as a starting corner. The Jets have also demonstrated that they have no problem pulling the trigger on making a blockbuster trade.

The other team in New York would also make sense, as the Giants’ secondary has been decimated by injuries over the past couple of seasons. Asomugha would still be a significant upgrade for the Giants in the defensive backfield.

Other teams who would make sense include the Baltimore Ravens, Detroit Lions, New Orleans Saints, New England Patriots and Cincinnati Bengals.





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Readers Comments (8)

  1. avatar sitko

    you have no idea what you are talking about…this trade will never happen, nor should it…and the Jets have no way of paying his salary so the trade is in fact IMPOSSIBLE – please learn more about what you do

  2. avatar EaglesAllTheWay

    haha your an idiot, ONE off and bad game and everything should be dismantled? our D hasnt been good? It’s been VERY good, idk what you watch but it ISNT Philly football

  3. avatar Ned Red

    Is this a serious article?

    Yes, Nnamdi has struggled at times and gotten beat on a few deep balls – but who hasn’t in the league? Champ Bailey got burned for a 60 yard TD by Andre Johnson on Sunday, too and gave up a critical 3rd down conversion late in the game, as well – after shutting him down for the entire game in between catches. It happens.

    The “altercation” with Coleman was in regards to safety help over the top on the Fitzgerald TD, which he clearly thought was there as he left Fitz go by assuming Coleman was playing center field.

    They already cleared a lot of cap space getting rid of Asante Samuel, and who exactly is going to play in his place? Curtis Marsh?

    And the trade partners? Yeah, let’s trade him to the Giants, a division rival whom you astutely pointed out is missing several starters – so let’s help them out when they are down while at the same time weakening our own defensive backfield with thirteen games to go!

    And, FYI, it’s Kyle WILSON, not Williams for the Jets.

    If the purpose of this article was to create a story out of nothing and make yourself look foolish, then well done on all counts!

    • avatar Ryan


  4. avatar Ryan

    You’re a clueless buffoon.

    Nnamdi was still the LEAST targeted CB in the league last year despite you calling his play mediocre!

    On the season alone he has been targeted a total of 9 times according PFF, allowing 3 catches for 37 yards.

    If you’re going to write an article like this, get your damn facts straight.

    Jesus people are stupid.

  5. avatar Action Jackson

    The guy is clueless. Namdi is a good cornerback. One of the top 6-7 in the league. I see you are publishing your articles. Make sure your grammar and spelling is correct before you do it. I would take some English classes before you start if I were you.


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