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Josh Morgan may have cost the Washington Redskins a chance at starting the 2012 NFL season 2-0. It is that easy.

With that being said, could the Redskins send a message to the rest of the team that stupid penalties will not be tolerated and cut their new wide receiver?

Stranger things have happened, especially when it comes to Mike Shanahan and Daniel Snyder making decisions. Morgan may feel safe after having just signed with the Redskins this past offseason, but what he did in the final seconds of yesterday’s loss to the St. Louis Rams should have him feeling at least a little concerned.

On a third down catch that had the Redskins in field goal position that could have given Billy Cundiff a chance to tie the game with a 48 yard field goal, Morgan let his ego and temper get the best of him. Morgan did the unthinkable and let Cortland Finnegan get to him after he sort of slapped at his head.

It was definitely a cheap shot by Finnegan, no doubt. But that is the type of player he is and has always been. When he was with the Tennessee Titans, Finnegan used to battle with Andre Johnson of the Houston Texans and try to get him to retaliate. That ended with a brawl on the field at one point between Finnegan and Johnson.

But Morgan should have known better. It is just like in school when, after someone else initiates a fight or provokes you, it is the person who retaliates and acts secondly who gets caught and punished.

It is no different in the National Football League.

Morgan got hot and threw the ball directly at Finnegan. The referee was standing right there and threw the flag.

Even the replacement refs could not botch that one.

Morgan’s penalty cost the Redskins 15 yards for the unsportsmanlike conduct call. It placed the ball from the 32 yard line back to the 47 yard line, making Cundiff’s game tying field goal attempt a 62 yarder.

He missed the kick. The Redskins lost 31-28.

Granted, there is no guarantee that Cundiff would have made the kick even if it was from 47 or 48 yards out instead of 62. He could have pulled it wide or had it blocked. After all, any Baltimore Ravens fan will tell you that Cundiff is capable of missing a big kick late in the game.

But because of Morgan’s big mistake, we will never know.

Chances are, Morgan will not lose his job on the Redskins’ roster due to his poor decision.

Then again, stranger things have happened.

Morgan may want to have his agent start placing a few well timed phone calls across the league just in case this afternoon.






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Readers Comments (8)

  1. avatar Bobbo

    Cut him immediately. If someone, paid and adored by millions is too damn stupid to act professionally…forget him!

  2. avatar Carl Spakler

    Cut him and use his roster spot to bring back Chris Cooley. Or, better yet, don’t cut him, but make him inactive for the balance of the season.

  3. avatar Brad Clark

    There should definitely be some consequence for such an action that could have cost the Redskins the game.
    Whether this is a financial cost to the player or sidelining him for a few games.

  4. avatar Valerie

    let’s not forget, it was the defense who lost this game long before that penalty. We should all be asking WTF to Haslet, no adjustments in the game, they went in hoping RG3 would win it for them, just like all the freakin games before. Same ole crap with the defense, makes me sick sometimes.

  5. avatar Todd

    Well put Valarie finally someone other than myself sees this. This is the second game they went up in score and then played not to lose instead of to win. There’s to much talent on the defense to be playing like that with no adjustments Haslet should take some responsibility

  6. avatar Kg

    He made a costly mistake,but if the refs were in control of the game things would’ve not gotten out of hand.He is the second best receiver we have,and it’s not like we don’t need him.

  7. avatar Allen

    So true, he’s gonna help us win more games than he helps us lose. These refs are a joke they’re gonna get somebody hurt.


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