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Tony Romo is 32-years-old. He has been the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys for years now, and his career has had more than it’s fair share of ups and downs. While many have called for his benching at times, Romo still gives the Cowboys their best chance to win. That is why Jerry Jones wants to give him a contract extension.

Yet, to the surprise of some, Romo seems to be in no hurry to broker a new deal with Dallas.

The Cowboys have approached Romo about the possibility of a contract extension. In 2007,¬†Romo signed a six-year, $67.4 million contract. He’ll be paid $9 million this season and $11.5 million in 2013, although the bigger numbers in the eyes of the Cowboys is the fact that Romo’s salary cap hit will be $8 million this year, but then it doubles to $16 million in 2013. The contract then would void after that year.

That is why the Cowboys have had preliminary talks with Romo regarding a new deal. At this point, as much as they would love to re-sign Romo to keep him around for the remainder of his playing days, they would also like to do so in order to switch up the crooked cap hit that next season’s salary will bring to the team.

Romo, however, has no sense of urgency and would not mind one bit waiting another year or so until seeing how much Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons and Joe Flacco of the Baltimore Ravens receive. Romo has put up at least comparable numbers to those two quarterbacks, so he may choose to wait and see just how much they sign for before he considers inking a new deal with the Cowboys.

After all, it would be in his best interest.

With that being said, the Cowboys would probably really have to come in with an extremely attractive offer within the next year if they plan on signing Romo to an extension soon. Considering also what Peyton Manning received from the Denver Broncos and what Drew Brees recently got from the New Orleans Saints, Romo could ask for guaranteed money somewhere in the $40 million-$50 million range.

It is not yet known what type of numbers the Cowboys are talking when it comes to Romo. But as of right now, it will have to be a pretty big number to make it worth it for Romo to give up leverage as he approaches the end of his current deal this early.





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Readers Comments (9)

  1. avatar Alan

    I don’t blame him. If he can take Dallas to the Superbowl this year, then sit down to talk, how much would he get then? Keep a cool head and wait, see what happens.

  2. avatar DCBlueStar

    I completely disagree with this article. Romo is the kind of guy that is not in a rush because he is not a commanding type of player or person.

    He’s stated numerous times that he wants to be with the Cowboys and retire with them… and has taken several pay cuts and even restructured his contract to help the team.

    Romo is the kind of QB you want on your team… an elite player who will also be the guy to say, “I don’t need that much money.”

    I guarantee you he will not command the type of money that Brees will… but not because he’s not worth it… because he tells them, “Do what’s best for the team.”

  3. avatar 12Fanforever

    Romo is one of my favorites next to Staubach and Aikman they made the show and produced,admitting Cowboys defence was a total flop last year. Romo has the numbers but not the clutch numbers…PLAYOFF WINS. I’m not bashing Romo but the Cowboys are the Yankee’s of football, expected to be there year after year and if not it’s time to move on. Money bags Jones just needs to keep his nose off the field and let the coaches coach…ever since Jimmy Johnson left the coaching has been a joke. I will admit it’s much better now but Jason Garrett is young and I believe will be a good coach along with Ryan on defence but let the coaches coach then talk numbers and see what Romo does,I fully agree wait and see after this year.

  4. avatar Larry

    Romo is not worth what he is paid now he can’t win the big game and has proven that numerous times Jerry should hold out to see if anything better comes around DUMP HIM

  5. avatar Kimberly

    I just don’t understand why he would get an extension right now. ROMO has not proven anything. Throws too many interceptions. This is suppose to still be America’s Team so WAY don’t we have a top notch QB that is smart and can do it all. Need to be looking for a star QB. All other teams just about got top notch QB’s to at least help make her team better. Not blaming it all on him, no great coach or coaching staff. Pay certain players too much money who has not proven anything or that great except WARE. I could go on and on…Just very upset right now with the same old COWBOYS predictable offense/defense……

  6. avatar Ron

    Jerry has believed in this undrafted QB and bet the farm on him. He has excellant numbers but what decent QB wouldn’t with the talent Romo has on offense? We are stuck with Romo for at least two more seasons (this and next) We need to draft a top QB for the future. Orton is only an emergency backup at best.


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