By Eric Schmidt

This week, in this column, I wrote a piece about how the USFL was planning to place a team in Columbus, Ohio. I was given this information by a reliable source, one that has never given me false information in the past. Before I posted the article, I sent an email to USFL Vice-President Fred Biletnikoff Jr, who had conducted an interview with this website a few months ago. I never heard back from him, and I ran with the press release I received. I was wrong, and I must apologize.

Early this morning, I received an email from Mr. Biletnikoff and we arranged to speak this morning. He explained in great detail on the phone,  the process for ownership in the USFL and the press release generated from the team called the Ohio Pride meets none of those requirements currently. The current potential ownership group has not been vetted by the league and the USFL has not endorsed the concept of community ownership.

From the USFL FB Page this afternoon

“The posts made in the last few days by Jay Lawrence about a USFL team in Columbus, Ohio have been removed by the league. While Mr. Lawrence has been involved in discussions with the league regarding the establishment of a team in Ohio, neither the league not Fred Biletnikoff made any statements approving Lawrence’s proposed financing method, and until all legal avenues have been explored to ensure this is a legal funding effort and Mr. Lawrence’s group has been thoroughly vetted, the USFL will not allow the use of its name or logo to be associated with this campaign. As soon as more information is available, we will let you know. Thanks for your continued support of the USFL!”

I have since taken the original article down, off TPR’s website. You, the readers, have helped to make this one of the fastest growing football sites on the internet in a very short term. If we make a mistake, we will work quickly in order to correct it, admitting our mistake. I made the mistake myself, and take full responsibility. Hopefully our readers will return to keep up with our football coverage.





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