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The Florida State Seminoles are very good in their first five games. The 2012 season marked the fourth time Florida State has opened a season with five straight wins since its national-championship campaign in 1999. They know what it takes to get off to a fast start through their first five.

Unfortunately, last night was also the fourth time in which the Seminoles dropped game six of the college football season in that same span. They seem to have a difficult time overcoming that number, as the Seminoles dropped a heartbreaker to the North Carolina State Wolfpack, 17-16.

It seems as if the ‘Noles have a problem completing the six-pack challenge, and they also tend to struggle against the underdogs, most notably, the Wolfpack.

N.C. State has a knack for knocking off Florida State over the past 15 years. It seems as if the higher the ‘Noles are ranked, the better the chances of them falling in a huge upset against the Wolfpack. It has happened before, and it happened again last night. Florida State almost appears to have some sort of mental block against getting past an inferior N.C. State squad that really had no business even being in the game past the first half.

It is just another opportunity that Florida State let slip away. This was probably their best chance to reach the BCS Championship Game in a long time. It was a shot at their first National Championship since 1999. They looked that good against their first five opponents, including a huge win over the Clemson Tigers a couple of weeks back. With only one more game against an opponent currently ranked in the Top 25, this appeared as if it could finally be the Seminoles’ season.

And then the sixth game of the season came around.

Florida State should win their next five games, and should do so with a bit of ease. Aside from the Miami Hurricanes, the other four teams they will face have no big wins and have been underwhelming for the most part, especially against higher ranked teams. Florida State will have a chance to impress the pollsters during their final regular season game of the 2012 season against the Florida Gators, but it may still not be enough to get them back into the BCS Championship Game conversation.

The Seminoles would need a lot of help from other Top 10 teams going forward. they would need a few SEC teams to fall, which should happen as many of them still have to face each other over the next couple of months. But the Big 12 also has some very tough teams, as does the Pac 12. The ACC just is not as good as those other conferences, meaning FSU will struggle to get enough respect and points from voters and the computer rankings. Their win over Clemson was impressive, but beating Miami, Duke, Virginia Tech, Boston College and Maryland means very little compared to years’ past.

Also hurting the Seminoles’ BC title game aspirations is the fact that they are in the tougher half of the ACC once again this season. they cannot get a rematch with Clemson in the ACC Championship, which could have greatly helped them in the BCS rankings. If they do indeed get to the ACC Championship, they will most likely be facing either Miami or Duke for the conference crown.

A win over either of those teams will do very little for Florida State.

Last night, the Seminoles had a great chance to continue their quest for a National Championship. But in just one play, their hopes may have taken an insurmountable hit.






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  1. avatar J Campos

    Excellent article clearly laying out the overview of FSU’s future this season. I was shocked to see how the team completely fell apart during the second half. One more field goal would have put that team away but the offense could not move the ball. They did not look like a championship team, EJ burned two time outs for lack of preparation. It was really a complete meltdown all around. The defense which was supposed to be one of the top in the country could not stop the third down conversions, the Wolfpack kept moving the ball in nickles and dimes. What an epic failure—truly an over hyped team that did not live up to the hype.


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