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Mack Brown does not sound like a man who wants to remain head coach of the Texas Longhorns. While he has said on numerous occasions, he has not plans to quit or retire, it almost sounds as if Brown is trying to lay the ground work to force the school to fire him at season’s end. It would make no sense for Brown to simply walk away, as he is still owed a good amount of money. But after failing to pull off a big win against the Oklahoma Sooners and coming up short in other big games, Brown has now taken to knocking the one thing that Texas mat currently be proud of the most.

It also just happens to be the one thing that may make them the most from a financial aspect.

The Longhorn Network.

Texas is suffering through another disappointing season in 2012. The Longhorns are 52 and have a very strong chance of becoming bowl eligible with just one more victory in their final five games. In fact, that should come this Saturday when Texas takes on the Kansas Jayhawks. This should be the easiest game remaining on the schedule for Texas this season.

But with the final four games after the matchup against Kansas against teams who are either currently ranked or who just recently fell out of the Top 25, the Longhorns could still conceivably finish the season with a 6-6 record.

That is not good enough in Texas. And now with Brown speaking out against the Longhorn Network, this does not appear to be a fit much past this season.

“I didn’t ask for it,” Brown said Monday, saying that he has to spend too much time taping television shows and that the network airs too much of the Longhorns’ practices. Brown said it may give away too much to the opposition, including before his team defeated the Baylor Bears 56-50 in yet another poorly played defensive game.

“It’s in Waco. Baylor sees every practice,” Brown said. “We’re a little overexposed.”

Really, there is no way to accurately judge whether or not the opposition has gained an advantage over Texas because of the Longhorn Network. But while he may not be in favor of it, Brown said he has no plans to boycott it either.

“I’m a soldier,” Brown said. “They tell me to go work with the Longhorn Network, I’ll go do it.”

I’m sure that it what they will continue to tell him, as long as he is head coach at Texas. After all, this is an innovation that was designed to bring $300 million to the university over the next 20 years after signing the huge partnership deal with ESPN. This was something that Texas had been working on for quite some time and, whether Brown likes it or not, it is not going away any time soon.

Brown, however, may be. Especially if the Longhorns cannot win a few more big games down the stretch.

In closing, it is slightly ironic that one of their own is against the Longhorn Network. Wasn’t that one of the reasons that many schools actually wanted to leave the Big 12 conference? They felt as if the network would give Texas an unfair recruiting edge and make them so much more money than the rest of the teams? Isn’t that one of the reasons why the Texas A&M Aggie and Missouri Tigers left the Big 12 for the SEC?

And now Brown is saying that the Longhorn Network is an unfair advantage for other teams in the conference, and not for Texas.

If he keeps going like he has over the past couple of years, this may not be something that he has to worry about for too much longer.





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