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Virginia Tech Hokies starting quarterback has become the latest person to pile on the Miami Hurricanes football program. After I called them out on several occasions for multiple reasons, some people actually came to their defense. If these same people who supposedly support “The U” jump on Thomas, he had better be prepared for some nasty and vile and vulgar comments.

And plenty of misspellings and poorly structured sentences with very little coherence.

Thomas is getting ready to travel to face Miami on Thursday night. In a game that actually features two disappointing teams from the ACC, Virginia Tech and Miami are both battling to become bowl eligible. That is, if Miami even decides to accept a bowl invite after the allegations that they are currently facing could strip them of scholarships and postseason appearances for years to come after 2012. Either way, this is still a game that carries major conference implications.

But Thomas is certainly not scared about having the ‘Canes on the road in a big Thursday night game.

According to Michael Casagrande of the Sun Sentinel, Thomas was talking to the media in Blacksburg about what he felt it would be like to play Miami on the road, in what used to be a hostile environment. He seemed to agree with everything I have been saying for the past week or so about Miami and their so-called fans.

“I guess the last time I went was two years ago and it’s a big stadium for any team. I guess because ‘The U’ is the way ‘The U’ is now and not of the old ages, that it’s not as full as it has been and used to be,” Thomas said. “I don’t know how to put it up against another stadium. It still has some sound to it, but it’s not what you would expect a team that has a legacy like Miami to have. Communication should be fine.”

Communication should be fine, because there will not be many people in attendance. Sadly, there will be even fewer who will make any noise that could possibly disrupt Virginia Tech’s offense. Or perhaps, lack thereof, especially when discussing the 2012 Hokies. Granted, it is not as if Miami’s vaunted defense still exists. Those days – like the days of strong attendance numbers with the Hurricanes – are long gone.

It would be hard to predict a winner in this game. Truth be told, both teams are going to be called losers at the end of the season, so I’m not sure how much this game will actually matter. This was once a great rivalry that mattered in the Big East football conference, and then again as the two moved to the ACC to resume the rivalry. But now, the Hokies are a huge let down after seeing how highly they were ranked in the preseason. The Hurricanes are facing sanctions that could wipe them out for years.

Virginia Tech is a 2 point favorite on the road. Generally speaking, road games in conference play are awfully difficult to win because of the opposing crowd.

But when it comes to the 2012 Miami Hurricanes, that is not a factor.





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  1. avatar Brian

    Miami has higher attendance this year than in the early 2000’s


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