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Over the past couple of days, I have written about the University of Miami Hurricanes football program, and the uphill challenges they currently face. I wrote about whether or not head coach Al Golden would make it far past this season, as well as if in this present moment, has the Hurricanes football program reached a new all-time low. More or less, I was simply stating facts. I was not rude or critical or harsh or disrespectful toward a program which I had great respect for growing up and into adulthood.

That is about to change.

I stated what is believed to be true of the current Hurricanes team. They are not good. The attendance has been embarrassing. Sanctions are coming. Simply stated, these are not good times for Miami.

If there is something inaccurate about those sentiments, please feel free to correct me by leaving a comment. Believe me, over the past few days, I have received plenty of comments from the Miami faithful. “The U” has been seen and heard from in both of those articles.

That is more than I can say about the Hurricanes’ home games. By far. Nobody is seen or heard from in Coral Gables. I must admit I was surprised to see that so many Miami fans still read articles, since none of them still show up to games to root for their team. It is disgraceful. This used to be a proud fanbase.

Now, they are just bitter.

In fact, Miami fans are beyond bitter. I think I understand the reasons why.

They see other programs who receive NCAA sanctions, such as the Penn State Nittany Lions, the Ohio State Buckeyes and USC Trojans. They see them get hit more than once, yet they seem to bounce back. The players still come. The fans still support. The programs remain relevant.

That is not the case with the Hurricanes. They are about as irrelevant as they come nowadays.

But they certainly voice their opinions, at least on the internet. Hell, they gave me my own message board! For that, I will be forever appreciative.

Although, I am not sure what gets me the most when reading the comments. Sure, it is great to see fanbases come out in strong numbers and support their team against a person who has just spoken the truth. You can’t argue with that sort of support.

Or that sort of logic.

But please read the comments. I’m not sure if it is just a few fans who feel strongly about their team, or whether it is an indictment of the American education system in the Miami area. Seriously, people, at least spell my name right, as it is right in front of you. It is like being given a word bank on a test and still getting the words wrong. Of course, I’m sure they did that in school as well. That is, until they either dropped out or flunked out after middle school.

I kid, of course.

But if “The U” still feels so strongly about their Hurricanes, where are all of their fans? And I am not talking about on the internet and on message boards. Where are they during games? Last time I checked, Miami still plays some big games against solid teams. Where are the fans for these games?

I hope that this article gets out to the right people. I want all of Miami to see and read this, or have someone read it to them if they have difficulty with some of the words that are more than four letters. After all, after reading the comments, it is words of the four letter variety that Miami fans are far used to using in their limited vocabulary.

But I want this to go out to more than just the fans. What about the former players? Where are they? I would like to officially call out each and every one of them. If they really care about “The U” like they say they do, I challenge them to actually show their support and go to a few games. Show up and support your alma mater. Don’t just do what most Hurricanes fans do and talk a big game. Show up to the game and show your support and take pride.

Hell, put my name on a sign telling me that you still care and wave it in front of the cameras.

Just please, do me a favor.

Check your spelling this time.

So, Michael Irvin. So, Ray Lewis. So, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. I’m calling out all of you to actually show your support. My invitation stands and the offer goes out to each and every former Hurricanes player and current fan.

If you really support Miami Hurricanes football, I want some proof.








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  1. avatar Hunter

    I think tat a lot of the issues Miami runs into is it is not a large school and the stadium is very far away. Many ofthe kids do not have cars since parking passes are so expensive and everything is so close and on top of all that, there is so much to do in Miami. I mean, if Every single student that goes to Miami showed up at the stadium it still would t even be half full. You would be lucky to be a third full. Then on top of that anyone out of college has so many great options in the miami area to go to. My brother goes to the U and plays jazz and A few good friends go there and they are very proud of there school. Everyone loves the U and I want to see a stadium on campus hopefully sometime soon

  2. avatar Fact checker

    You are a terrible writer. “More or less, I was simply stating facts.” Not true…along with a lot of other trash you typed up. You have no business writing about something you know nothing about. Let’s check out some of your inaccuracies…

    “Over the past two days, two Miami football players have quit the team.” False. I’m not going to tell you what the truth is though, because you should have found it out before you typed that.

    “Certain coaches feel more comfortable playing the players who they recruited.” Irrelevant. Everything you typed up about this issue is unrelated to anything happening at Miami. Why? Because…
    > By my count there are currently 79 players on scholarship at UM. Forty-five were recruited by Al Golden and 34 committed to the program under Randy Shannon.

    > Of those 79 scholarship players, 26 were listed on offense on the depth chart before the Florida State game and 28 were listed on defense. Count the two kickers — Dalton Botts and Jake Wieclaw — and you have a total of 56 scholarship players who aren’t just special teams guys (like Dallas Crawford) who see playing time regularly on game day.

    > The remaining healthy 19 scholarship players are on scout team/special teams along with other walk-ons. UM has four scholarship players out for the season with injury: OT Ben Jones, LB Ramon Buchanan, WR Malcolm Lewis and QB David Thompson.

    So how many Golden guys are starters? 10 including seven on defense.

    How many Golden guys are backups? 18 including a dozen on defense.

    How many starters are Shannon guys? 18 including a dozen on offense.

    How many Shannon guys are backups? Ten.

    So that’s 28 Shannon guys and 28 Golden guys that make up the depth chart. I’m no mathematician, but that sounds pretty even to me.

    Read more here:

    “Over the past couple of decades, things have gotten progressively worse.” Miami won a national championship in 2001 during a 34 game winning streak – and that was just coming off sanctions. That was certainly not getting progressively worse.

    “Lewd rap songs by players. Brawls against inferior opponents. Failing to become bowl eligible without sanctions.” How many lewd rap songS? …probably shouldn’t have used the plural, huh champ? How many brawlS? Again, your sensationalizing an event by trying to make it out to be more than one event is preposterous. Likewise, Miami finished with a losing record in 1997 – in the middle of sanctions. Again once… Know who else had a bad finish during NCAA sanctions, and much more recently? Alabama. Imagine that…

    “Miami is once again facing even more severe sanctions than they did in the past.” How is Miami “once again facing even more severe sanctions than they did in the past[?]” That doesn’t even make sense. You also have no idea what sanctions Miami is facing. Please understand that the allegations against Miami in the 1995 case were more than likely far more serious than any allegations that will come out from the current investigation. Here’s what happened in 1995:
    Violation Sumary: IMPROPER FINANCIAL AID: institution awarded more than $412,000 in excessive aid as a result of improperly calculating off-campus room and board stipends; student-athletes received an average of $110 in impermissible books a semester; student-athletes were improperly compensated for employment. EXTRA BENEFITS: athletics department staff member helped student-athletes fraudulently receive a total of $212,969 in Pell Grants; cash awards to football student-athletes for game performance. ATHLETICS DEPARTMENT FAILED TO FOLLOW DRUG-TESTING POLICY. UNETHICAL CONDUCT. LACK OF INSTITUTIONAL CONTROL.

    Even the sum of the unsubstantiated allegations of the con artist who caused the current investigation are not nearly as bad as that.

    “Hurricanes are losing good players to Central Florida, South Florida, Florida Atlantic and Florida International.” Give names. Please also understand that Miami had a top 10 recruiting class last year.

    “t is even worse when the ‘Canes stare up at the crowd in their home games. If they are near sighted, they may not see anyone there.” Miami is averaging over 52,500 in attendance per home game this season. That’s more than Miami averaged in 2001 (last national championship season), which was 46,162, and right in the middle of the average attendances in 1987 (53,920) and 1989 (51,634), two other national championship seasons. Check some facts before you write.

    “They can no longer recruit the top players in the country.” Duke Johnson, Tracy Howard, and several other ‘Canes from highly ranked recruiting classes say “hi.”

    “They cannot even get the big name coaches who help bring in top talent.” Name the last big name coach to coach at Miami, and you’ll be naming someone who was an unknown when he took the job.

    “They will not win the conference. They will not have improved attendance. They will not even be playing past early December.” These are facts? C’mon Rob…you strike me as someone who is not intelligent, but that’s just ridiculous. You claim you were mostly stating facts, but these things make it clear you were typing up a hit piece. Don’t expect credibility when you are incapable of doing simple research and likewise incapable of inserting your own personal opinions based on erroneous information.

    “I guess the only thing they can find solace in is that their fans no longer even care enough to support them at home.” Again, look at the attendance numbers above.

    “Either way, this should go one of two ways.” Why? Is it because you said so? Couldn’t all, or nearly all, players stay? Isn’t that a possibility?

    “That is more than I can say about the Hurricanes’ home games. By far. Nobody is seen or heard from in Coral Gables.” Miami does not play its home games in Coral Gables, Rob. They are played in Miami Gardens.

    “This network was launched to help me hopefully get an edge breaking back into the sports writing game.” We can only hope and pray that at least few people read what you write, because, if that happens, you have no hope of breaking back into the sports writing game. You appear to be either incredibly lazy or incapable of researching anything. Here’s a tip for you: when you want to claim that you write mostly facts, DO SOME RESEARCH SO YOU HAVE SOME FACTS TO WRITE! Better yet, just quit now.

    • avatar Michael

      Seriously this guy is an idiot. Thank you for shining some light on the facts, unlike the dumbass who wrote this ridiculous article.

  3. avatar Robert

    What a butthurt pussy.

  4. avatar Len Mags

    Dear Mr. Kelley,

    ” I was simply stating facts. I was not rude or critical or harsh or disrespectful…”

    “After all, after reading the comments, it is words of the four letter variety that Miami fans are far used to using in their limited vocabulary.”


    The University of Miami is a small private school with an undergraduate enrollment of 10,000 students. That a small fraction of the size of your SEC favorites at 60,000.

    Despite our small size, The U is ranked the 38th best university in the U.S. Why are you trying to paint this school as a bunch of retards? Where did you graduate from Mr. Kelley?

    UM plays in a leased stadium with 76,000 seats about 25 miles from campus. There is no way this small school can consistently fill a stadium this size. Stanford plays in a 50K seat stadium. Oregon plays in a 54k seat stadium. TCU plays in a 46K seat stadium. Georgia Tech plays in a 55K seat stadium. All those schools are about the same size as Miami. The Hurricanes would be better served building their own stadium at Tropical Park with 45-55k seats.

    Mr. Kelley, you are insulting and not a very good journalist. You need to do research before tearing down a fine educational institution.

    You must be a Gator.

  5. avatar Fact checker

    I see you didn’t post my last comment… I had more facts in my comment than you had in 3 related pieces you published. Keep hiding from facts – that will get you far as a writer.

  6. avatar Canes06

    Mr. Kelly you are the type of journalist that hangs out with Charles Robinson…. get your facts together. A high school student cant write a better piece than this. I have no doubt that you are a Florida graduate or a grad of a school the Canes gave beatings too!

  7. avatar cam

    Great article, if this isn’t a call to action to the fan base I don’t know what is. I don’t know if most people will get this, but it actually seems you want to do good and call out what needs to be called out so we will actually support our team. I’m buying some tickets and I might even bring my spell checked sign in hand! Fear the tie!!

  8. avatar joey

    It is unfortunate that you are on the bandwagon of writers that attacks a school that is down right now because we are trying to do things the right way. I agree with the “most bitter fans in America,” and I disagree with your “opinion.” You are an ignorant writer. I would not be calling these fans bitter and uneducated because they care about their team and are loyal to the program no matter what. Your article does not state facts. It is obviously biased, and that is why you are receiving the backlash. Go write about a program that cheats and has money and wins at all costs. Alabama, Florida, Florida State, LSU. People like you are scared to open up that can of worms. Instead, as Charles Robinson did, you pick on a program that every one loves to hate and is actually more honest than most of the current “powerhouses” in the country. College football is a game of money, and Miami does not have any nor does their president care to obtain any to return their football program to prominence. You have no respect for Miami or these loyal fans; therefore, I have absolutely no respect for a writer” like yourself. I can’t wait till we rebound and return to being one of the best programs in the country. Unfortunately, we need a new president and an AD that is willing to work hard to honor the character of this program.

  9. avatar Steve B

    Mr Kelley your writing shows a bias that reveals your inner hatred of the U. FSU had the 108th ranked defense 3 years ago when the current FSU defense were freshman and sophomores and playing big minutes. As for crowds the achools size precludes a huge student turnout.There are alot of things to do in Miami unlike Gainsville or Tallahassee.
    Sanctions or not .This will be a BCS contending team in 2 years. Al GOlden is a coach with high energy and recruiting skills.Once the shadow of the NCAA has cleared look out.
    If you want to write about the worst NCAA scandal it the fact that large schools with lots of money can pencil in 3 automatic wins at home a year against patsies. The worst offenders like the Gators (havent played an OOC out of state game since 1991) do it every year and the NCAA does nothing. The fact that all this attention to a booster buying a dinner for a guy is made is clearly the tail wagging the dog.
    Frankly you arent very bright and your writing shows it.


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