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The Miami Hurricanes were once one of the top powerhouses of the college football landscape. They won National Championships, produced a record of first round draft picks and it was so easy to recruit top talent, that they actually had to turn down great athletes because they already had more than they knew what to do with in Coral Gables. Miami was a breeding ground for some of the best players to enter the National Football League, and while many people had a problem with all of their swagger, the Hurricanes could back it up on the football field.

That was then. This is now.

Over the past couple of decades, things have gotten progressively worse. Severe sanctions. Loss of scholarships. Forfeiture of bowl game invitations. Blowout losses. Lewd rap songs by players. Brawls against inferior opponents. Failing to become bowl eligible without sanctions. Overhyped recruiting classes. Getting passed up in bowl selections by other rivals.

That was also then, believe it or not. Now is even worse.

Miami is once again facing even more severe sanctions than they did in the past. This one could really hurt in terms of lost scholarships and banned postseason play. Simply put, the Hurricanes are a mess.

And it is not just because of what has taken place off the field. Yes, the recruiting has gotten far more difficult. Not only are superior players choosing to go to Florida and Florida State, but now, the Hurricanes are losing good players to Central Florida, South Florida, Florida Atlantic and Florida International. And those are just the players who decide to remain in-state. Many leave altogether without even scheduling a visit to Coral Gables.

Miami no longer produces automatic NFL talent. In fact, they have not had a player selected in the first round of the NFL Draft in four years. It used to be that you could not get out of the first round without seeing three or four Hurricanes going in Round 1. That is no more. Now, they don’t even make the first night.

But again, it is more than that.

People refer to Miami as “The U.” That must stand for ‘Used to,” as in the program that used to be relevant. Miami used to be a powerhouse, regardless of what conference in which they played their games. It doesn’t matter of it was the Big East or the ACC, Miami meant business. They were feared. They were respected. They may not have been liked, but that didn’t matter to them. They knew who they were, and so did everyone else.

But now, who knows about the Hurricanes? Check the current ACC standings. Sure, Miami is 4-4 overall and 3-2 in conference play. That is not horrible, but they were 4-1 and 2-0 in ACC play a few weeks ago. They have dropped three straight contests, dropping them into second place in the ACC Coastal division. Not behind Virginia Tech. Not behind Georgia Tech. Not behind North Carolina, who is also going through some issues of their own. Not even behind Virginia.

Miami is looking up at Duke in the standings.

Not in basketball. Not in lacrosse. In football.

While it is one thing to be staring up at Duke in the standings, it is even worse when the ‘Canes stare up at the crowd in their home games. If they are near sighted, they may not see anyone there.

Of course, even with perfect vision, they won’t see that many more people. The attendance has been downright embarrassing. It is one thing to have a quiet crowd, but no crowd is even worse. Of course, that just fits in with attendance throughout the state of Florida in most sports, especially south Florida.

Miami is nowhere near a resurgence. In fact, things are only going to continue to get worse for the Hurricanes. They can no longer recruit the top players in the country. They cannot even get the big name coaches who help bring in top talent. They will not win the conference. They will not have improved attendance. They will not even be playing past early December.

Things in Miami are bad. They may have even hit an all-time low.

I guess the only thing they can find solace in is that their fans no longer even care enough to support them at home.

“The U” ought to be ashamed.

For more reasons than one.





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  1. avatar Chad Adams

    Rob Kelley your clearly a dip*#$%! You have no idea whats going in the Miami Hurricane family.. Your another jealous prick that takes the opportunity to kick someone when there down. You have no balls..

    • avatar Cane4life

      Could not have said it better Chad.

  2. avatar frank

    Hater, that’s all i can say. You failed to mention any players by name and many are 3 4 star recruits. They play 22 freshman regularly and they will take their lumps this year. but if they stick together and I find no reason they won’t, I see no reason why they won’t be a NC contender. And if that happens I pray to God that you are not allowed in the games.

  3. avatar Steven

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  9. avatar Mike Epstein

    Wow! Does someone need a hug or something because that rant was absolutely rediculous! First of all congrats for stating the obvious and not putting anything that was really informative about UM football. Litterly your entire blog not “article” was trash! If you can honestly can sit there and say that Miami isn’t on the upswing than you have no clue what the heck you are talking about and you should just stop pretending like you know anything. What coach Golden took over was a mess of a program. Recruiting wasn’t exactly in the tank but Shannon didn’t know how to groom that talent. Golden, in my opinion, does and WILL! The storm cloud of “Nevingate” in MY opinion is worse than any sanctions Miami will receive! It’s unjust that the NCAA has taken so long to come to a ruling and THAT is the sole reason Miami’s recruiting has been so poor! Not because recruits don’t want to come UM! Like I said don’t say anything if you don’t know your facts! What Al Golden has done during this whole scandal is exemplary and I can’t wait to see what he does when he finally gets to take the training wheels off and recruit properly! Also don’t act like people aren’t showing up to the game because UM is doing terrible! Once again you don’t know what you’re talking about! I live here! I go to the games! It’s hot! FSU game was @ night and it sold out! VA Tech game will be at night on Thursday and I guarantee it’ll be packed. And that’s how it goes in S. Florida even when Miami was in the’re National Championship runs. 98 degrees against Bethune Cookman who’s going to come? Not many! Moral to this story bro know what you’re talking about or don’t say anything because the Canes are not at an all time low they’re on the upswing and THE U is coming back whether you and you’re dumb article agrees with it or not!

  10. avatar Augustus Cole

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  15. avatar GO CANES

    WOW Rob, you got it all figured out. 3 of our losses were against Top 10 teams, and 2 on the road. But hey if your the type of person to kick em while they’re down, then I guess your whore of a mother and wife beating daddy didn’t raise you right. But we’ll see what kind of articles your writing when our young team gets bigger and has more experience and play teams that are the same size. Cause everyone knows that MIAMI being on top is great for college football. GO CANES !!!

  16. avatar 01

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  17. avatar Rob Kelley is a FAGGOT

    So in your mind Miami has been down for a “couple” of decades even though Miami won a National Championship in 2001. Wow you are a fukn joke…

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  30. avatar NJshoreCane

    Miami recruited to of the top players at their position last year…

    Miami’s attendance situation has been the same for years, look at their ’01 NC season numbers….

    The coaching….

    Ah, forget it, why am I even wasting my time with this guy…later.

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  32. avatar TA

    Wow. How are you a writer man? I have not read such a misinformed, unresearched op-Ed piece in years, possibly ever. With all due respect, you are completely clueless and should not be writing about a topic you know little about or did not take the time to properly research.

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  36. avatar BossCane

    Mr. Kelly please mark this day and time so you will never forget the inaccuracies of your 3rd class reporting. U should be embarrassed for not doing your homework. The Midget Shapiro thing will end soon(By the way he will add you to his email list if you want and you guys can conjure up some more BS)FSU had ZERO SoFlo recruits in 2012. We graduate 93% of our student athletes, the USF, FAU, FIU etc., etc kids can not academically qualify at THE U. You apparently don’t what goes on in The League as well. Ya better start watchin.We’re on every roster. Bottom line schmuck. They will come, they will win and they will all play on Sundays. mark my words and Remember I said it today!!!

  37. avatar D.Berry

    To add to what everybody saying last time I checked Miami had 52 current players in the NFL. Still more than any school in college and them being down several decades they just won a NC in 2001 and made it back in 2002 that’s one decade not several idiot.

  38. avatar Jocko Johnson

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  39. avatar Rob Kelly's Boss

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  40. avatar The Internet

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  46. avatar fire rob

    Losing talent to central Florida, south Florida and fiu? Seriously? Fucking FIU? And then goes on to say miami cant recruit top talent in the country anymore, thats why they had a top 10 class last year. Rob wins the hater of the century award


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