By Eric Schmidt

The Washington Redskins are no longer the Washington Redskins. Well, at least according to the Washington City Paper. The paper has rekindled the debate about political correctness and has decided after decades, the name Redskins is offensive and conducted an online poll to find a new team name. The readers of the City Paper decided on the Washington Pigskins.

Can we simply get over this crap already? The City Paper wrote an editorial illustrating that they find it inconceivable that the Redskins should be called the Redskins even though opposition in Native American circles appears to be split over the issue. The Kansas City Star newspaper has long boycotted the use of referring to the Redskins by their team name, ironic as their home NFL team is named the Chiefs.

This is simply political correctness go awry. Where does this stop? Let’s rename the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, that might offend pirates. The Cincinnati Reds might offend communists. Why aren’t Native Americans asking for the Dallas Cowboys to be renamed as cowboys were the adversaries of Indians.

I remember the protests in the 1990’s of the Florida State Seminoles and the Atlanta Braves with the fans use of the Tomahawk Chop. Protests be damned, the chop still frequents both stadiums.Then there were the protests over the Cleveland Indians and the use of their logo, Wahoo Willie.

The City Paper of course has a history with the Washington Redskins, they published The Cranky Fan’s Guide to Dan Snyder, an article which led to the Redskins’ owner filing a lawsuit against the paper. The paper could have been pulling off an elaborate publicity stunt, and if so, they did receive a lot of unnecessary attention.

Perhaps the paper could have suggested the Redskins take a page out of DC sports franchise history and recommend that the team be renamed the Senators. Then again, that would be offensive to fans who are unhappy with Congress.

Seriously, we have enough really serious issues facing this country. Stop wasting time on this drivel.


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Readers Comments (11)

  1. avatar Checkdown

    I agree that the issue may be trivial in light of some other issues facing the NFL, and the country at large…and, I agree that in many cases political correctness goes too far, but, I think that it is time to change the name ‘Redskins’.

    Chiefs may be a reference to Native Americans, but, its not derogatory. Redskins, simply put, is. The team was named 80 years ago during an era where this slanderous title was acceptable, by a man (George Preston Marshall) who was a noted racist. Its time to go.

  2. avatar Dave

    pigskins is a horrible name I would never be a fan. No fan of the Redskins would ever cheer or buy anything with that stupid name!! at least pick a name fans could be proud of!! The idiot that chose pigskins should be fired!!! Pigskins would make this city a walking joke WorldWide!! I WOULD ROOT FOR A TEAM CALLED THE WARRIORS THEN WOULDN’T HAVE TO CHANGE THE LOGO!! AT LEAST PICK A NAME THAT PEOPLE AND FANS CAN RALLY BEHIND AND WOULDN’T BE MADE A JOKE OVER!!!! PEOPLE THAT DON’T LIKE THE NAME REDSKINS AND WORRY ABOUT POLITICAL CORRECTNESS ARE TURDS AND CAN SHOVE IT!! THE REDSKINS WON IN COURT AND THE NAME IS STAYING GET OVER IT!!! HAIL TO THE REDSKINS

  3. avatar Mike

    I think you are wrong. It is just the name of a sports team, there is no reason for it to be offensive. It is not political correctness if a reasonable person would find the name offensive. Your other examples don’t really reflect that. So, we shouldn’t change the the Bucs name and give in to all the offend pirates out there, nor should we give into the millions of native americans in this country either. Really? That seems like a ridiculous argument.

  4. avatar casino

    Well, I’m a police officer in Maryland and I take offense to “Pigskins”.

    Just sayin’

  5. avatar dreameagle

    you, sir, are definitely, completely and unequivocably WRONG;

    you see my name, and NO ONE i know or heard of takes kindly to this name;

    how can you forget it spewed from the mouth of George Preston Marshall (HOF member? really?) who crowed publicly, “I’ll start drafting n**gers when the Harlem Globtrotters start drafting whites”;

    i have an equitable solution for you;

    let’s change the name to Washington Foreskins;

    i can hear your response now, but know that is EXACTLY how we feel about the current name;

    • avatar TheClaim

      The Boston Redskins were named to keep in theme with the Boston Red Sox with whom they shared a stadium. Dream Eagle go root for Vick. You are entitled your opinion but the truth isn’t reflected in your statement. The Skins are by far the team of choice on our local reservation. If you take offense, bummer. I and many others see the logo and equate it to strength and pride

    • avatar TheClaim

      And who is WE??? You speaking on behalf of all Native Americans? I can safely say “no” you aren’t.. You speak for you

  6. avatar TheClaim

    Chiefs may not be derogatory but their big toothed grinning Cleveland Indian like mascot IS derogatory and offensive. The Redskins always gave a sense for a type of warrior pride for native Americans. An avenue to remember the rich culture and heritage of native Americans that are STILL overlooked. MOST native Americans I know are FANS of the Skins. I am pushing 50 and in my lifetime I have NEVER, NOT ONCE heard someone use the term as a slur. Get Over It go organize your church bake sale or craft booking or one of your other great hobbies!

  7. avatar Tiltedhead

    I’m Irish, should I be offended by Notre Dame? Their mascot is literally a racial stereotype that Irish like to fight. You see, no matter what you choose someone will be offended so you might as well call the team whatever you like and if people don’t like it they can cheer for someone else.. The world shouldn’t have to change just to keep from offending you. Stop being so sensitive.

  8. avatar hitmeimopen

    My friend and I got so worked up about this that we thought up a great name and then web-searched it to buy the domain. It had already been bought…by whom? A certain Daniel Snyder. The name? Washington Warriors!!
    In this endless debate over the name, offensive…non-offensive, isn’t as important as all the good will the DMV (yay!) and Dan Snyder (boo!) would create. Drives me nuts that no one looks at that! We are empowered and don’t even realize it!

  9. avatar BOBO

    does this mean we’ll need to stop eating red skin potatos……tell Tonto to suck it up…we already gave him a casino.. What a bunch of (Sitting) Bull


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