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Robert Griffin III has a bright future ahead of him. The Washington Redskins rookie quarterback has the future in his hands, and he has all the makings of the next great dual threat quarterback. he can beat you through the air with his strong arm or on the ground with his elusive running. Griffin III is off to one of the best rookie starts ever in the NFL for a quarterback, and things may only get better for RG3 and the ‘Skins.

That is, if he smartens up and learns how to truly play the position.

Hear me out. I am a fan of Griffin III and want to see him succeed. I rooted for him to win the Heisman Trophy last season after seeing him lead the Baylor Bears to one of their best seasons in school history. He seems like a good kid with a solid head on his shoulders.

But after watching him against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, he needs to get smarter.

At least, he needs to play smarter.

Griffin III took a rough hit late in the game in a tight contest. It was a clean hit, but it was an unnecessary one. Griffin III needs to learn that the sidelines are his friend. Stepping out of bounds is not cowardly. It is necessary. If Griffin III wants to have a long and productive career, this is something he needs to learn sooner rather than later.

If he does, he can be the next Randall Cunningham.

If he does not, he will become the next Michael Vick.

The choice is his.

Rookie quarterbacks who can run often only go one of two ways. They learn that the NFL is much faster and the players ht much harder than they do in college. The smart players realize that and adjust their game. I am not saying that these players should stop doing what made them successful. Griffin III should continue to let his legs help him win games. It is why he is this good, and why the Redskins drafted him. They didn’t draft a pocket passer.

But at the same time, Griffin III needs to know when enough is enough. Sometimes, you can’t always pick up 10 yards for a first down. You may only get eight or nine. But you will live to see the next play.

If you continue to take hits when you should have been smart enough to avoid some of them, you will spend more time on the ground and on the sidelines than on the field helping your team win.

If Griffin III learns that soon, he will do well.

If he does not, he will not be around as long as people hope.





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