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While the fans had been clamoring to see Brady Quinn take over for Matt Cassel so badly, that they actually cheered when the Kansas City Chiefs starting quarterback had suffered a concussion, they were reminded of one of my favorite old sayings by Oscar Wilde.

In this life there are two great tragedies. The first is not getting what you want. The other is getting it.

More or less, be careful what you wish for, because you may just get it.

Apparently, Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel has not see enough of it quite yet.

Quinn was the starter for the Chiefs on Sunday against AFC West rival, the Oakland Raiders. Unfortunately for him, he lasted just a few plays, leaving the game with a concussion himself this time around.

The fans did not cheer. They knew what that would mean.

One time can be a fluke. Twice would be a pattern.

Still, Quinn finished the game completing just 2/4 passes for 1 yard with an interception. He completed as many passes to the Raiders as he did his own team before leaving the game with a concussion and not returning.

Cassel relieved the injured Quinn in a role reversal from a few weeks ago, and didn’t play all that poorly. Cassel completed 20-30 passes for 218 yards with 1 touchdown and 1 interception. The Chiefs lost the game 24-14, but they certainly cannot pin it all on Cassel. The fact that Jamaal Charles received just five carries in a game that was not always out of reach was a bit mind boggling.

Still, even with the results from yesterday, reports are stating that Crennel said that Quinn is his starter going forward. The problem with that is that the Chiefs have just three days off before their Thursday night game against the San Diego Chargers. I would be very surprised if Quinn receives medical clearance to return for a road game in such a short turnaround.

Either way, the quarterback is not the problem for the Chiefs. While neither Cassel nor Quinn are going to be exactly receiving many Pro-Bowl votes this season, the problems in Kansas City go well beyond the quarterbacks. They have not held a lead in one game this season. Not even for a single second. The Chiefs’ only win of the 2012 season came on a game winning field goal in overtime against the New Orleans Saints in a game that they still failed to ever gain a lead.

In my opinion, that cannot all be blamed on two players at the same position. The troubles in Kansas City go far past two players, regardless of how much they have struggled this season.





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