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Richard Sherman talks a big game. He did it against Tom Brady. He will do it with any player. Sherman and his Seattle Seahawks secondary has been stellar in 2012, and they will look to continue their run against another once vaunted pass offense in the Detroit Lions.

But Sherman may have done something that is ill advised.

He may have woken a sleeping giant.

Well, not a real giant. And it is not as if he has been sleeping, perhaps just a bit sluggish.

This is in reference to Calvin Johnson, who may be the bets wide receiver in the entire National Football League. A player so dominant that he earned the nickname “Megatron,” from The Transformers.

Sherman said he can do him one better.

Sherman tweaked his social media profile to label himself as “Optimus Prime,” who was the prime time Transformer character, or so I have been told. From what I have read, Optimus Prime and Megatron did not exactly get along.

You see, there were these Cybertrons…

I apologize, for that is about the extent of my Transformers knowledge. I admit that I had the toys in the mid 80’s, including the big one where you built him up and he had the tape deck. But that seems like forever ago, and I have very little recollection of anything else.

Sherman may say that he will be the Optimus Prime to Johnson’s Megatron, but the Lions’ wide receiver is not scared.

“Self-given nickname — if that’s who he wants to be, that’s cool,” Johnson¬†told the Lions’ website. “I can use it as motivation, no doubt about it.”

That may not work out well for Sherman. Or the Seahawks.

Johnson has not come even close to replicating the numbers that he put up in 2011. It is not necessarily his fault, as Matthew Stafford has seen a drastic drop off in statistics across the board as well. The touchdowns are way down for Detroit’s passing offense, thus the reason for their disappointing 2-4 record to begin the 2012 NFL season. Johnson has just 38 catches for 592 yards and 1 touchdown.

Good for many, but not for Johnson.

Johnson is still seventh in yards and tenth in receptions, but his numbers pale in comparison to what he did through the first part of last season. Still, he is a player capable of going off in any given week. Thanks to Sherman, that week may just be Sunday against Seattle.





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