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Cam Newton is not off to a great start in his second year in the NFL as starting quarterback of the Carolina Panthers. Call it a sophomore slump. Call it a fluke rookie season. Call it defenses having enough time to figure out how to plan against and stop Newton. Call it whatever you want. But Newton’s father, Cecil, says that perhaps his son is pressing, and could benefit from a bit of an attitude adjustment.

When asked to talk about how his son handles talking to the media, especially after losses, Cecil Newton was honest. he knows that how his son comes across is not exactly endearing himself to many NFL fans. Newton’s attitude and maturity have come into question a lot as of late, and at least one person feels it could be time for a change.

“Is it something he needs to change?” Cecil Newton told WFNZ’s The Drive with Taylor and March. “Well, yes, I guess so.”

Newton and the Panthers are off to a disappointing 1-4 start and the former Heisman Trophy winner National Champion from the Auburn Tigers hardly resembles the player who set almost every offensive rookie quarterback record last season. While his completion percentage is not much worse than his rookie season, Newton has thrown for just four touchdowns in four games and has been intercepted five times. Newton has rushed for over 200 yards and scored three rushing touchdowns, although he has also lost three fumbles.

Had his numbers been better and Carolina had a better record, chances are, we would not hear as much about his attitude and sulking. Then again, that would mean he would be winning, so there would not be as much to be down about. Still, even he father knows that Newton must change something going forward if he does not wish for this part of him to be featured in the media.

“I know he hasn’t been responsive in some of his interviews [after losses], but he has been like that since he was 7 years old,” Cecil Newton said. “It’s difficult. There are some things that I don’t touch, and don’t tell him what he should and shouldn’t do. …

“I think he’s just pressing. I think he’s maybe trying to do too much. I know my son, he is going to go back into the lab, tweak some things, work hard, and come out better. He is not in the business of making excuses. He is going to come back better.”

The Panthers will get their first opportunity to see just how much Newton has changed or how far he can come after their bye week this week, when they host the Dallas Cowboys in week 7 at home.

It will be a battle of two quarterbacks in Newton and Cowboys starter Tony Romo who may be known for more of how they handle themselves off the field than they do while on the gridiron.





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