By Matt Johnson

The saying goes “competition brings the best in people” and competition is exactly what Green Bay Packers K Mason Crosby.

While it may seem like a joke to say the Packers need more from Crosby, after all when they get inside their opponent’s territory, you expect them to score a touchdown. The fact of the matter is, the lack of production they have been getting from Mason Crosby from 50 yards out or more, is simply unacceptable. Nobody has ever doubted that Mason Crosby has the leg to kick it from 50 yards out, he even has the leg strength to kick it from 60 yards. The problem for Crosby this season has been his accuracy, or to be specific inaccuracy, what kicking from beyond the 35. It really started against the Indianapolis Colts when Crosby had 2 chances from 52 yards and 51 yards. The 51 yard field goal attempt would have sent the game into overtime, but instead Crosby kicked it wide right. In both cases the kicks were far off the mark, and while they had the distance they didn’t even come close to the post.

It all could have ended their, just written up as a bad week for Mason Crosby, but the problems continued into Sunday in a win over the St. Louis Rams. Aaron Rodgers drove the Packers offense down to the Rams 40, leaving Mason Crosby a 58 yard field goal to end the half, a distance he easily has the leg for. Once again Crosby came in and shanked it, this time wide to the left, leaving the Packers lead at 4. While Crosby would go on to finish the day making 3 of 4 field goal attempt including one from 48 yards out, the problem remains.

This could just be a bad stretch from Crosby, a point in time where when it comes to long kicks he is just putting too much pressure on himself in angling it one way or the other. Either way it doesn’t matter, it has already cost the Packers one game, and with some tough games remaining, can you trust him with the game on the line? I’m not here to say Mason Crosby is finished as the Packers K, he has been very good for Green Bay for the past 6 seasons. All I am asking is for Green Bay to bring in some competition this week, and light that fire under Mason Crosby that will make him reliable from 50+ again.


Matt Johnson

I am a sports writer entering my first year in college. I am also a aspiring sports radio host.

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