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New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan may be about to do something that will make him smarter than the majority of head coaches in the NFL today. He may see something that many other coaches have failed to see through three seasons. He may be on the verge of making a decision regarding Tim Tebow that could be the start to bigger and better things.

Ryan may be switching Tebow’s position.

It has taken awhile, but Ryan may have realized something that other coaches have not. Tebow is not an NFL quarterback. Not a starter, not a back up, not a scout team signal caller. He does not have the accuracy or mechanics to get the job done in the NFL. I have said it for years.

But because of what Tebow was able to accomplish with the Florida Gators in college, as well as his solid positive attitude, people figured he would eventually pit it all together to become a great starting quarterback in the NFL.

Trust me when I tell, that will never happen.

Maybe Ryan is finally realizing that fact. The wildcat plan has not worked at all. Trading for Tebow thus far has been a miserable failure. He has shaken the already fragile confidence of starting quarterback Mark Sanchez, and it is only Week 7 of the 2012 NFL season.

With that beings aid, Ryan said that he may do something with Tebow this weekend against the New England Patriots that no other coach has truly tried.

He is going to change his position from quarterback to running back.

And I don’t just mean calling quarterback draws or wildcat plays for Tebow. I mean lining him up in the Jets’ backfield, behind or to the side of Sanchez, and handing him the ball on called run plays.

And while I have knocked Ryan in the past, he went on to say something else that I feel would be beneficial for the Jets and Tebow by trying something new.

“By playing quarterback, he knows all the positions,” said Ryan. “So can you plug him in at running back? Can you plug him in at tight end? I think the answer is yes.”


I have been saying all along that Tebow would be a far better halfback or tight end than he would be a quarterback. he is extremely athletic. I will never deny that fact. If he can catch, he would be an ideal new prototypical tight end in the league. He is very tough to bring down and very agile for a player his size.

Making Tebow a running back or tight end would be genius. It may be the smartest idea that Ryan has ever had.

Now let’s see if he actually knows how to follow through with it going forward.

Thinking it or saying it is one thing.

Implementing it is another.

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